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7Sage LSAT PrepWe’re excited to initiate a series of interviews with various LSAT prep companies, exploring their approach and getting some tips for success. (If you’d like to be featured, let me know.)

Today, we’re talking with one of the founders of 7Sage, a unique LSAT prep company with a social mission. (Oh, and both of the founders are Harvard Law grads, so it’s not like they’re slackers in the academic department.)

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Could you talk a bit about 7Sage: What’s your philosophy? What type of instruction do you offer? How are you different from other LSAT prep courses?

Alan and I are on a social mission. We believe that education is a right. But, if good education is too expensive, then it’s just a platitude. No matter how fervently you believe in it, it’s not going to help anyone that doesn’t already have the wealth to access it.

So, we made 7Sage with the highest quality curriculum, for the lowest price in the market.

It’s possible because we’re tech savvy and online.

Our LSAT Complete course is $179 and includes 6 real LSAT Prep Tests and over 100 hours of video content (50 hours for lessons, 50 hours for the questions in the 6 Prep Tests) plus problem sets, quizzes, flashcards, drills, etc. We often hear students say that they learned better and faster from us than other courses, and saved money at the same time.

To help make education accessible we also released all of our logic games explanations, covering nearly every LSAT logic game available (that’s about 250 videos, around 70 hours) for free.

I also founded PreProBono, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to helping minority and economically disadvantaged students get into the best law school to pursue careers in public interest law.

Law for good. We graduate about 10 or so Fellows each year. They do pretty well. 🙂

What type of student is most likely to benefit from taking an 7Sage course?

Hmm… it’s hard for me to imagine a student that wouldn’t benefit. I mean, if I can tell you how to understand foundational concepts on the LSAT in a way that a six year old could understand it… Oh I think I have the answer to your question: students over the age of six.

Who would your course not be a good fit for?

I suppose students who don’t watch the videos or don’t do the work, but I thought we were talking to pre-law students — ambitious, hardworking, smart pre-law students.

I’m getting ready to choose an LSAT course. What should I look for to ensure the one I select is a good fit?

Usually, after reading a difficult LSAT question, you’re like “what the f&%# just happened.. to me?” Naturally, you turn to your flesh and blood or online instructor and ask for clarification. If you feel like you sense a vague spark of understanding looming on the horizon after their clarification, that’s no good. They kind of just wasted your time and money. Drop the course. Come to us. We’ll give you a crystal clear understanding.

How much time do you suggest students spend to prepare for their first LSAT? Can it be done on top of school/work?

I like to presume that everyone wants to get the best LSAT score they can get. I’m further presuming that everyone understands that “getting the best LSAT score they can get” entails a a lot of hard work.

If those presumptions are correct, then for the non-geniuses out there (most of us), a 3-4 month study regimen over a summer would be ideal. I had a student solve all logic games in his mind with no writing at all. He didn’t need 3 months. 🙂

That’s a lot of time. People have jobs, lives, and other responsibilities. Our course is flexible. You can log on anytime, view the lessons anyplace, at your own pace and study for 7-8 months. The courses include a scheduler that creates custom schedules for any length of study.

What are your three best tips for doing as well as possible on the LSAT?

I know you’re asking for three, so please forgive me. We have just one tip. Sign up for the free 7Sage account.

We also have a ton of free content: a free online proctor for you to take your timed LSATs, a free LSAT prep test score calculator that grades your test, keeps track of your improvement, and tells you where you need to focus, a discussion forum where you can ask about any LSAT question and we (likely I) will answer you fast.

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Thanks, guys!

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Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Free Logic Games Explanations

Or learn more about the fantastic PreProBono project. (Hurry if you want to be a 2013 Fellow — applications are due on Friday, May 17th.)

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