Five Ideas To Celebrate Your Law School Achievements

Five Ideas To Celebrate Your Law School AchievementsThis week we welcome back guest writer Tiffany Lo to discuss some ways to celebrate all you have done in law school!

My law school classmates have done amazing things: publish a student note, achieve a victory for their client in a clinic, argue in front of a court, finish an extensive research paper, present at a conference, organize guest speaker events, advocate with the school administration or local governments, put together student mixers, compete in moot court, ace a job interview, incorporate feedback and so much more. Whether you are about to (finally!) obtain your J.D. or simply want to reflect on your work in law school so far, it’s always a good time to celebrate your achievements. During the inevitable moments of stress and self-doubt, it helps to remind ourselves that we are on the right track.

Here are some ideas that you can use to celebrate all the cool things you’ve done in law school:

1. Collect Pictures

Looking at old pictures is a great way to reminisce about your time in law school. The goofy snaps with friends, the candid captures of embarrassing moments, and the group photos to commemorate a collective “first” are sure to make you smile. You can print the photos out and create a scrapbook, make a digital collage, or create a slideshow. Add commentary and music as you please and then share it widely with friends and family! They will definitely enjoy learning about everything you’ve been up to as a law student.

2. List Everything You’re Proud of

Take some time to sit and write down all you have done that you are proud of. While honors and job offers may be the first things to come to mind, don’t forget the little wins! It can simply be getting up for school after a long night of work, getting through a cold call without coffee, helping out a friend, finding a job position that could be a great fit, or overcoming rejection. And remember, choosing self-care is always something to be proud of.

3. Go on a Photoshoot Around Your School

Remember your favorite spots around the law school through pictures! Go on a photoshoot with your graduation gown or spiffy outfit. You can even invite your friends and family to join and show them around your school in the process.

4. Re-read your Law School Application

The law school application process probably seems like a hundred years ago. Reading your personal statement (and diversity statement, if you wrote one) will give you a sense of how you’ve evolved—whether your interests have remained or shifted, whether you have gotten the chance to participate in the activities you were excited about, and whether there is something else you want to try. Chances are, you’ll feel really good about how far you’ve come and motivated to explore the possibilities ahead.

5. Send Positive Affirmations and Gratitude

Some of your achievements are the result of teamwork with your classmates or guidance from professors and mentors. Acknowledge the people who’ve shaped your law school experience with a note or a gift of gratitude. And when you chat with them, you might even gain an additional perspective about how you’ve grown during law school!


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About Tiffany Gee Ching Lo

Tiffany Gee Ching Lo is a student at Stanford Law School. She spent her 1L year at the New York University School of Law, where she was involved with Alternative Breaks, Women of Color Collective, and Law Revue, and worked as research assistant. Tiffany received her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley, graduating magna cum laude with double majors in Political Science and Rhetoric. Tiffany developed an interest in the law from a young age, and have worked in law firms and courthouses in Hong Kong–where she grew up, around the San Francisco Bay Area, and in New York. In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys painting, playing the piano and cello, trying out new recipes, and watching late night talk shows.

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