The Ultimate Guide to the Law in Pop Culture Part III: Travel Media

The Ultimate Guide to the Law in Pop Culture Part III: Travel MediaThis post contains affiliate links, meaning we may be (minimally!) compensated if you purchase after clicking the link.

Please welcome back rising 3L Jaclyn Wishnia to finish up her series on the law in pop culture by discussing some media that can be enjoyed on the go or during breaks!

In our final installment of the ultimate guide to the law in pop culture series, the focus is on forms of media for law students that are easily transportable and non-intrusive, making them great for either travel or those lulls in-between classes. Specifically, those mediums include: books (print, e-book or audio editions), blogs, and podcasts. Keep on reading for a more enjoyable law school commute!

1. The Paper Chase

Resist all temptation to stream the movie or TV series, and snag a copy of The Paper Chase instead. Ideally, read it before starting 1L year because it will certainly become your companion-in-commiseration once the semester begins. While it is categorized as a fiction novel, the concepts it covers regarding life as a law school student are very relatable; especially apropos of the dreaded 1L contract law course.

Best Quote: “Law school can be a transformative, transcendental experience, but the student has to make it so; the Professor can’t.”


For law students with an interest in ‘Big Law’ culture, or those simply seeking a scandalous beach read, BIGLAW centers on a young associate’s newly acquired “dream job” at a ‘Big Law’ firm located in New York City. The book is marketed as a fictitious legal thriller, but it happens to capture the realities of what working for these types of firms sometimes entails.

Best Quote: “Well, he likes to drink the tears of sobbing associates.”

3. Bartleby the Scrivener

More of a novella than a complete work, Bartleby the Scrivener is a quick story about a quirky scribe who obtains employment at a law office. While nothing really happens throughout the condensed plotline, it is frequently quoted by law professors and those who work within the legal profession. Written by the author of Moby Dick and made famous due to its infamous quote noted below, it is worth taking a glance at, however, we recommend refraining from using that phrase when responding to questions from your internship supervisors or law school professors.

Best Quote: “I would prefer not to.”

4. The Nature of the Judicial Process

For law students who prefer non-fiction to fiction (though truly a must-read for all aspiring attorneys), The Nature of the Judicial Process examines how judges formulate their opinions. Despite its original publication date in 1921, Justice Cardozo’s words still reflect the realities found in contemporary jurisprudence today.

Best Quote: “The rules and principles of case law have never been treated as final truths, but as working hypotheses, continually retested in those great laboratories of the law, the courts of justice…Every new case an experiment….”

5. The Racketeer

We previously mentioned the bestselling attorney-turned-author, John Grisham, on our movie and documentary list, but now we are suggesting you read one of his more recently published books, The Rooster Bar. This modern legal thriller focuses on three, heavily indebted, law students who discover their extravagant law school loans are being lent to them from a potentially shady hedge fund. Relatable and relevant to the realities of what law students face today…just hopefully, not the sham part.

Best Quote: “…And now, with one semester to go, Mark was staring miserably at the reality of graduating with a combined total, undergrad and law school, principal and interest, of $266,000 in debt.”

1. The Girl’s Guide to Law School

Of course, no list would be complete without mentioning yours truly’s The Girl’s Guide to Law School blog! If you are reading this post, then you already know that this is another fantastic resource for assisting pre-law and current law school students, with navigating the various obstacles encountered throughout law school. Do not let the title fool you; it reads “Girl’s”, which refers to the founder. The articles are gender-neutral and extremely informative due to their personalized nature.

Best Post: “How to Write a Law Review Note Worthy of Publication.”

2. Above the Law

Above the Law has garnered a love-hate relationship from all walks of the legal community; some swear by it, others despise it. The site provides insight into the realm of law, including law school, the legal profession, and current legal news.

Best Post: “The Best Thing a Young Lawyer Can Do is Learn Technology.”

3. Ms. JD

Our sincerest apologies to male law students, Ms. JD is not a misnomer. It is a site dedicated to helping female law students or early associates succeed in the field of law (but all are welcome and encouraged to browse it!). For guys, we direct your attention to the next blog on this list, which, while gender-neutral, seems more male-oriented.

Best Post: “They is Starting Law School Next Week.”

4. Bitter Lawyer

While we constantly maintain that you should strive to remain positive throughout law school, sometimes you cannot control having an off day and for that we recommend the bitingly, sarcastic posts found on Bitter Lawyer.

Best Post: “The Four Types of Exams You Meet in Law School.”

5. SCOTUSblog

SCOTUSblog is a fantastic resource for staying informed about current Supreme Court cases. As a public service, their reporters are required to preserve journalistic integrity and their articles provide accurate legal coverage. Sign-up for their daily newsletter if you need alerts about a particular case.

Best Post: “Supreme Court Procedure.”

1. The Digital Edge

For law students interested in intellectual property law, The Digital Edge is a podcast hosted by two renowned attorneys in the field. Every month they host key-note speakers to discuss related news as well as provide aspiring attorneys with career advice.

Best Episode: “Defining Artificial Intelligence as a Legal Tool.”

2. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Started in 2005, Lawyer 2 Lawyer covers timely topics across the nation and their impact on the legal realm, as well as recent developments within the law.

Best Episode: “Take a Knee Movement, the NFL, and the First Amendment.”

3. Legal Rebels

Sponsored by the ABA Journal, Legal Rebels features various attorneys discussing the legal profession, how the law is changing, and predicting standards for how the profession may operate in the future.

Best Episode: “…Legal Software Can Help Improve Access-to-Justice Problems.”

4. Supreme Podcast

Supreme Podcast is the audio answer to SCOTUSblog’s articles. The hosts provide weekly reports on current Supreme Court cases along with special reports pertaining to the justices themselves, controversial issues, and constitutional rights.

Best Episode: “The Full Faith and Credit Clause and Fairness.”

5. LST Podcast

An affiliate of the aforementioned blog, The Girl’s Guide to Law SchoolLaw School Toolbox podcast features weekly episodes that provide essential tips and topical advice about everything you need to know regarding law school and beyond. Listen to an episode on your next commute and discover that it is like having your own personal law school advisor directly in your ear!

Best Episode: Choose your own from this aggregated post of our most popular episodes.

Bonus: There’s now also a Bar Exam Toolbox podcast for all things bar exam related.

This concludes our ultimate guide to the law in pop culture trilogy. We hope you enjoyed, or the very least found something worth its entertainment value, in this legal series demonstrating the myriad of ways of how the law can sneak up on you in the ordinary course of daily life. Let us know your favorite selections (or submit your own suggestions), in the comments section!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning we may be (minimally!) compensated if you purchase after clicking the link.


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