Summer Reading List: Terminal Ambition

Terminal AmbitionAs you may or may not be aware, sexual harassment is rampant in BigLaw. Shocking, I know! You’d think they’d know better, right? Sadly, not so much.

(Here’s a recap of just one of my several personal experiences, plus my reaction to the reactions to that post.)

Next up on our summer reading list is Kate McGuinness’s fantastic thriller, Terminal Ambition. If you don’t already know Kate, you should. She’s a force of nature!

Kate was a BigLaw partner and General Counsel of a Fortune 300 company before leaving to become a women’s rights activist.

And right now she’s offering a free download of Terminal Ambition, but only until July 2 so get on it today!

What’s the Book About?

Terminal Ambition tells the story of Maggie Mahoney, partner in a leading New York law firm. She’s asked to “investigate” sexual harassment at the firm and winds up unearthing a lot more than she expected.

Mahoney is faced with a dilemma:

Keep quiet and keep her high-powered job or do something about what she’s uncovered.

Why Should You Read It?

If you’ve never spent time in BigLaw, you might think this book is unrealistic, but I’m here to tell you it’s not. This stuff happens a lot and if you think it’s never happened in your firm, chances are good you’re wrong.

Terminal Ambition is an entertaining read if you’re on the outside looking in. But it’s an essential one if you think BigLaw is going to be part of your career path.

Hopefully, you never find yourself in the situations Kate describes. If you do, however, Terminal Ambition is a great book to have on your shelf!

Want to check it out? Until July 2, you can download your free Kindle copy here.

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  1. I downloaded the book yesterday and stayed up way too late reading it! Thanks for the recommendation!!

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