Create a Care Package for the Law Student in your Life!

Create a Care Package for the Law Student in your Life!This week we welcome back guest writer Tiffany Lo to talk about some ideas for care packages to make a law student in your life feel appreciated and cared for!

It is no secret that law school is hard and the legal profession has a serious mental health issue. I have experienced and seen first-hand the stress and anxiety that law students face, and have admired students’ and law schools’ efforts to alleviate these challenges, such as organizing study breaks or providing a therapist.

With many friends starting law school this fall, I started reflecting upon what would have made my transition into law school life more painless. And recently, in preparation for lunch with a dear friend and incoming 1L, I assembled a care package for her.

Now, I would like to share a list of things that could go into a care package for the law student in your life. Some of things are practical, while others are fun, but they all are important in my book.

1. Foldable Book Stand

This is at the top of my list of most-used items in law school. A book stand allows those heavy law school casebooks to be positioned upright and reduces the strain on the neck. The foldable feature means that it can be easily transported in a backpack.

2. Laptop Stand

Similar to the book stand, this contraption elevates your laptop and reduces neck strain. Given the long hours law students use their laptops, this will definitely be put to good use.

3. Earplugs

For students who like minimal noise while reading or studying, earplugs are very effective in blocking out noise when the surrounding environment is not quiet. They also come in handy during in-person examinations: the clacking of tens of keyboards in the background is not the best sound for concentrating on a long issue spotter. (And for other items to bring to a law school exam, check out this blog post.)

4. Sticky Notes

I am constantly leaving myself notes that I would want to move around in my planner or textbooks. I also use sticky notes to flag certain pages and paragraphs to come back to at a later time. Sticky notes have many uses, and I always make sure to carry some around with me. I also love the different colors, which I use to color code difference topics in my classes.

5. Notebooks

I am still an old-fashioned take-your-notes-by-hand type of student. I use notebooks to create my planner, to take notes in classes, to organize my thoughts while studying for exams, and to create outlines and flowcharts. Regardless of how notebooks are used, I think that every law student will benefit from having some on hand.

6. Assorted Stationery

Highlighters, pens, legal pads are other stationery essentials for law students (and lawyers). But do take note that law students often can get these items from legal research services or law firms visiting the campus.

7. Thermos and Reusable Water Bottle

These come in handy for water, teas, coffees, and other drinks. I like the ones that keep my drinks both hot and cold.

8. Gift Cards to Local Coffee Shops

Coffee drinkers will really appreciate this, for obvious reasons. They can even use them for networking purposes!

9. Snacks and Instant Coffees and Teas

Who doesn’t need a quick sugar or caffeine re-fueling once in a while? Get your law student’s snack and drink stash started with their favorite candies, chips, energy bars, teas, and coffees.

10. Bath Bombs, Scent Diffusers, Stress Balls, Fidget Toys, Adult Coloring Books

There is a world of de-stressor options – think about what your law student would like and benefit from!

11. Chapstick, Lotion, Facemasks

Law students not only need to sharpen their brains, but also take care of their bodies. Chapped lips, dry skin, or other skin conditions can get painful and detract from productivity.

12. Fuzzy Socks

Especially in cities with cold long winters, warm socks are life-savers.

13. Positive Affirmations

These present a great opportunity to inject a personal element into the care package. Draw on your relationship and experiences with the law student. Tell them that they will do great and remind them to be true to their positive qualities. They are also a lot of affirmation gifts out there – affirmations written on desk decorations, candles, pencil holders, etc. – that can double as something useful.

14. Tips and Words of Wisdom

Whether you are acquainted with the legal world or not, you can help your law student stay grounded, motivated, and happy. Rely on your life experiences to give your thoughts on how to deal with a heavy work load, stress, inevitable failures, and competition. And don’t forget to remind them that you will always be there, through thick and thin.

15. Whatever else would bring a Smile or Make Life Easier

You know your law student best – their habits, hobbies, pet peeves. Feel free to modify the list as you see fit, and add other things that will fit into the law school schedule, or provide a break from it, whether it’s a rock climbing membership, gift certificates to manicures and pedicures, or grocery delivery vouchers.

As I developed this list, I remembered that law students taking care of themselves should be a priority and ongoing project, but it’s not always easy to put into action. If you are a law student reading this, consider turning some of these care package items into an actionable step: writing positive affirmations to yourself, stocking up stationery or snacks that will help your studying, or resuming a hobby that you’ve suspended since starting school. Better yet, make yourself a care package – after all you are the law student in your life!


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About Tiffany Gee Ching Lo

Tiffany Gee Ching Lo is a student at Stanford Law School. She spent her 1L year at the New York University School of Law, where she was involved with Alternative Breaks, Women of Color Collective, and Law Revue, and worked as research assistant. Tiffany received her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley, graduating magna cum laude with double majors in Political Science and Rhetoric. Tiffany developed an interest in the law from a young age, and have worked in law firms and courthouses in Hong Kong–where she grew up, around the San Francisco Bay Area, and in New York. In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys painting, playing the piano and cello, trying out new recipes, and watching late night talk shows.

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