Essential Law School Supplies You Never Thought You Needed

Essential Law School Supplies You Never Thought You NeededThis week we welcome back guest writer Christen Morgan to talk about some of the supplies that you should get going into law school – that you might not know about!

Whether you’re just starting law school, you’ve been there for a few years or you’ve already graduated and started prepping for the bar, you can’t deny the necessity of having the right supplies. The right supplies can make the difference in keeping you organized, more efficient and I’d even go as far as saying they can keep you well rested. Not sure what to get? I’ve put together a handy list of eight essential items that could be super helpful throughout your law school experience. Some of these items are non-traditional supplies that I either swore by during law school or wish I had during my time there. So read below and start stocking up!

1. Jumbo Sticky Note Dividers

When putting together class outlines, class notes or case briefs, note dividers are essential in allowing ease of access to different sections of these notes. Most importantly, these dividers allow you to jump around a dense set of notes quite quickly which can make or break your score on an open book exam or positively impact your study time. Keeping this in mind, how about trying these Jumbo Sticky Note Dividers? In addition to the traditional benefits of easy note maneuvering, these dividers give you ample space to add more notes. You could use these notes to give a summary of what is in each section to save you time from flipping around. The opportunities for these sticky notes are endless, so add them to your list.

2. Desk Pillow

Sometimes it can still be a struggle to stay awake even after consuming ten cups of coffee. So why stay awake? A desk pillow is the most efficient nap option for students. Get some shut eye in between studying right at your desk in the library or at any desk for that matter. This pillow will save you time from having to go back and forth between home and school for nap time.

3. Book Stand

Ok so if we are being honest I laughed at the idea of having a book stand when I started law school. However, I only lasted about three weeks before dropping an order into my Amazon cart. A book stand is essential because you will spend very long hours reading material. After some time, this will put a strain on your neck. A book stand will help to ease some of this strain and it also makes it easier to flip through your book and highlight notes efficiently.

4. Back and Neck Massager

As we touched on above, much of your time in law school is usually spent looking down at a book, your laptop, writing notes etc. Although a book stand will be super helpful, I recommend being proactive in easing the muscle tension built up in your back, neck and shoulders. A massager, can certainly help to ease this. I recommend this easy to carry therapy kit which you can take along with you for your most intense study sessions.

5. Roller Backpack

Another must have item is a roller backpack. Law school case books are unconscionably heavy. Therefore, if you have a lot of casebooks, folders and overall supplies, a roller backpack would be the healthiest and most effective means to carry these items around. Utilizing a large purse may look more fashionable, but it won’t do much good for your back, neck and shoulders if you’re carrying a heavy load. A roller backpack is an essential item for preventing back, neck and shoulder pain.

6. Ear Plugs

Because law students are loud and you will frequently have very little control over the noise in public study areas, ear plugs are essential. I honestly doubt I would have been able to maintain any productivity without ear plugs in law school. Even when the library was packed and I had no choice but to study on the louder floors, my ear plugs helped me to maintain more focus.

7. Mini Desk Vacuum

A mini desk vacuum is the essential item you likely never thought about. Spending long days and nights studying at your desk means that there is inevitably a lot of dust and buildup in your study areas. Having a messy study area does no good for your focus and peace of mind. This handy vacuum helps to maintain cleanliness within your direct study area which can ultimately positively impact your overall productivity.

8. Mood Tracker Planner

It’s no secret that law school is extremely stressful and can be a trigger for lowered moods and heightened anxiety. Therefore, while tracking your classes and daily commitments, how about also tracking your mood? A mood tracker planner is perhaps the best spin I’ve seen on a traditional planner. A good planner helps students to stay organized which will be essential when you’re juggling your classes, internships, moot court, journal etc. However, if there’s a breakdown in your emotions it will make it harder for you to stay on top of your commitments. The Mood Tracker Planner helps you to track your day and your mood. Having your emotions written out on the page each week helps you to gain a better understanding of triggers and how to get ahead of them and better control your mood.

What are some of your favorite supplies? Let me know and I can add them to the list!


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About Christen Morgan

Christen Morgan graduated magna cum laude from the University of Tampa where she received her B.S. in Criminology. She earned her J.D. from Emory Law School where she competed and served as an executive board member for the Emory Law Moot Court Society. Christen also served as a student representative for LexisNexis and also as a mentor for several 1L students offering them advice and a variety of resources to help them through their law school journey.

Christen previously practiced as a Foreclosure Attorney for a Real Estate law firm but has since then transitioned into a Real Estate Specialist role at a wireless infrastructure company.

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