Law Firm Hiring Partners Talk About What They’re Looking For

Are you interviewing for summer associate jobs? If so, I strongly suggest you watch this Bloomberg Law video series. (And I’m not just saying that because I’m in it. Trust me, I’m the low man on the totem pole here — the rest of the guests are seriously impressive BigLaw hiring partners and such.)

All total, they run about half an hour, but I pretty much guarantee you’ll learn something useful!


What’s discussed?

  • How can you research potential employers?
  • What should you bring to the interview?
  • What questions can you expect?
  • Should you prepare canned answers?
  • What kind of writing sample should you submit?

Avoiding Disaster

What’s discussed?

  • What should you wear?
  • How can your body language sabotage the interview?
  • Is it ever OK to lie to an interviewer?
  • What’s the worst interviewing story you’ve ever heard?

Tips for On-Campus Interviews

What’s discussed?

  • Should you explain your average grades?
  • Is it OK to ask about compensation?
  • How do you connect with the interviewer?
  • What are good questions to ask about the employer?
  • Does your non-legal experience matter?

Tips for Call Back Interviews

What’s discussed?

  • Should you take notes during the interview?
  • What questions should you never be asked?
  • How should you treat the peer interview?
  • What are the rules for a lunch interview?
  • Should you disclose i you’re interviewing in two cities?

After the Interview

What’s discussed?

  • Thank-you letters: Handwritten or by email?
  • When should you follow up with the firm?
  • What factors should you consider before accepting a job offer?
  • How can you learn from rejection?
Succeeding as a Summer Associate

And, if you missed the earlier Bloomberg Law video series on summer associate success secrets, bookmark it and watch it when you get the job!

Good luck, everyone! There’s a lot more material here, if you’ve got OCI questions: Summer Jobs 101.

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