My Three Best Tips for Time Management Awesomeness

Alarm ClockTime management is critical in law school. It’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed with the competing demands on your time, which can lead to a total meltdown. We’ve all had them.

In the name of meltdown avoidance, let’s talk about a few techniques for time management.

These techniques share two things in common: a focus on accountability and an emphasis on effort, rather than output. You can make all the schedules, plans, and to-do lists you want, but if you spend half of your allotted study time on Facebook then stress out about it all night, things aren’t likely to end well.

These techniques enable you to spend less time working, and get more done. Sounds like a win/win to me, no?

Without further ado, my best time management strategies:

  1. The Circles
  2. The Units
  3. The Buzzer

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  1. Shelby VanHoose says

    I need to learn time management… It’s a tough subject however, these tips look interesting and I am going to attempt them. Thank you for the tips! These should help me entering law school and finishing up my senior year of college.

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