Why I Started the Law School Toolbox

LibhtbulbLots of people have asked about the Law School Toolbox . . . what is it, and why did I start it (with my awesome co-founder, Lee Burgess)?

Let me explain a little bit about it, then I hope you’ll check out the newest iteration: our Law School Toolbox Members area.

What’s This About?

The Law School Toolbox really started one day when Lee and I were having coffee. (We met on Twitter, oddly enough, but happened to live in the same place so we occasionally met up to chat.)

We were talking about how she prepared students to pass the bar exam after they’d failed once or twice. Clearly whatever they’d learned in law school wasn’t working on the bar — so, what did she have them do differently to pass?

The practical aspects of her answer were interesting (if you like to dork out on learning theories), but what she said next was even more interesting:

My students often tell me they wish they’d known the stuff I’m teaching them as a 1L. They say it would have made law school a lot easier, they would have done better, and they probably would have passed the bar on the first try — saving them months of extra time and stress.

It was the light bulb moment! Within a few minutes, we’d decided to figure out a way to get the skills and strategies she was teaching her private bar students to the masses — much earlier in the law school process.

What is the Law School Toolbox?

Here’s how the project has evolved:

  • We started with a blog, which you can find at Law School Toolbox.com. It’s got tons of great stuff about how to do well in law school, and it’s all completely free.
  • Next, we launched two courses: one covering all aspects of the law school experience, and two shorter exam prep crash courses.
  • This summer, we started a 10-part Start Law School Right course, which is also completely free. (If you haven’t signed up, and you’d like to get it, you’d better hurry. It’s designed for incoming 1Ls, so you can only sign up through September 1st.)
  • And, now, we’re excited to launch our new “members area.” It combines all of our best content from the prior courses with lots of new stuff, and it’s been completely redesigned to be super easy to use and understand. (Hey, look, my architecture degree really did come in handy!)
You Decide What Tools YOU Need

Throughout this process, our goal has always been to give YOU the tools you need for law school success. For some people, the content on our website is sufficient. That’s awesome! Take it, use it, and we’ll celebrate your success.

But other students prefer a more structured, interactive experience. If that’s you, check out the new project. It’s highly organized, easy to follow, and you can ask a question on any topic, at any time. We know you can be a great law student, and we’re here to help.

(Oh, yeah, if you really want personal attention, we’ll also do one-on-one tutoring, although that’s necessarily limited by the number of free hours in our days.)

So, I hope that answers some of your questions about the Law School Toolbox project. Feel free to leave others in the comments!

And here’s a quick video, if you want to hear more about the project:


Thanks for reading, and go check out the new Law School Toolbox Members area!

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