How to Conduct Great Informational Interviews #2: Request an Informational Interview

Phone of cansOnce you’ve identified your target interviewees, it’s time to reach out and ask each of them to meet with you and share their experiences.

Example Script for Requesting Informational Interviews

Here’s a basic script to follow, for a phone or email request:

Hi, Ms. Smith.

My name is Alison Monahan, and I’m currently a student at State University.

I was given your name by my uncle, Robert Monahan, an attorney who is familiar with your work at the New York City housing court.

I’m interested in a career in housing law, and would love to talk with you about your experiences.

Are you free for coffee later this week?

Thanks, I look forward to meeting you.

Although no request will be 100% successful, this script works because it’s short (remember that the recipient is probably quite busy), focused, and provides basic information about:

  1. who you are
  2. how you selected this person
  3. why you want to talk with them
Don’t Forget the Call to Action!

It also includes a “call to action” – a specific suggestion to meet for coffee, at a particular time.

Without this, the recipient has nothing to respond to. Now, the question isn’t so much whether they want to meet with you, it’s what time works for them.

Once you have some responses, it’s time to prepare for the informational interviews.

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