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Odyssey Test Prep InfoWe’re excited to initiate a series of interviews with various LSAT prep companies, exploring their approach and getting some tips for success. (If you’d like to be featured, let me know.)

Today, we’re talking with Odyssey Test Prep about how their approach to studying for the LSAT.

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1. Could you talk a bit about Odyssey Test Prep: What’s your philosophy? What type of instruction do you offer? How are you different from other LSAT prep courses & tutoring?

At Odyssey, we think that inspired students get the best score increases on the LSAT. We offer 1-on-1 tutoring which allows our tutors to affect the greatest change in their students’ scores. We are one of the only companies that focuses on LSAT tutoring. Most LSAT specific companies focus on large, one-size-fits-all style classes. Everything we do is customized to each individual student which yields huge score increases! In fact, many of our students get 20+ point increases from their original diagnostics and we’ve even had students increase by 32 points (145 to a 177). Our tutors are LSAT pros and we do everything within our power to help our students master the test as well.

2. What type of student is most likely to benefit from taking an Odyssey tutoring course?

Students who want to achieve their full potential on the LSAT and attend the best law schools in the country are our ideal students. Our tutors work extremely hard for our students and we expect our students to match that level of commitment.

3. Who would your course/tutoring not be a good fit for?

While one-on-one tutoring is the most effective way to study for the LSAT, it’s also typically the most expensive. Consequently, students who are on a really tight budget may not be a good fit. Investing in a higher LSAT score can save 10’s sometimes 100’s of thousands of dollars in Law School tuition so if tutoring is a financial possibility, it can
yield a great return.

4. I’m getting ready to choose an LSAT course. What should I look for to ensure the one I select is a good fit?

I would definitely consider if a course is the right way forward for you. Courses typically yield the same results as self-study (+10 points) but provide a structure for students to follow. That structure does come at about 10x the price of self-study. If you really want to invest in the most effective way to prep, then I would consider one-on-one
tutoring. We guarantee that we’ll get you to the perfect tutor for you or we’ll give you a full refund.

5. How much time do you suggest students spend to prepare for their first LSAT? Can it be done on top of school/work?

Students should usually spend 3-5 months of roughly 20hrswk studying for the LSAT regardless of what resources they use. This is definitely doable on top of school and work, in fact when I studied for the LSAT I was working 42 hrs a week and taking 18 credit hours. During this time I was able to pull a 156 up to a 178 and we’d love to show you the techniques that made this increase possible!

6. What are your three best tips for doing as well as possible on the LSAT?

1. Pick the right materials to use. Whether it’s self-study, a course, or tutoring, you need to work with the best!
2. Work hard. The LSAT is really learnable, which means the more time you put in the higher your score.
3. Stay inspired. The path to a great LSAT score is a tough one and a great attitude can make all the difference in getting there.

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