A Review of the Better Habits App

Better Habits App ReviewPlease welcome back guest writer, Christen Morgan, attorney and Real Estate Specialist at a wireless infrastructure company, to discuss the new app, Better Habits.

Does it really take 21 days to form a habit? I sure thought so. Although I’ve never completely followed through with any of my New Year’s resolutions and tried and failed at numerous fad diets, I’ve always thought this concept to be true; think about a habit you want to form, commit to developing it over a course of 21 days, then voila, the habit will become a part of you for the rest of your life. I just always thought that I struggled to develop habits because I could barely commit to it for 10 days, much less meet the 21-day requirement.

In a desperate attempt to get to 21 days, I downloaded the “Better Habits” app. I initially figured that this app was the missing ingredient that I needed to commit. However, after having the app for five days and completing my desired habits only once, I realized that it would take more than just an arbitrary number of days for my habits to come to fruition. So to answer this question more clearly, it does not take 21 days to form a habit. There’s no hard and fast rule regarding when a habit will actually stick. Habit development will be relative to your personality and lifestyle and the Better Habits app has made that clear to me. Here’s my review!

The Better Habits app focuses on natural habit growth which is personalized to your mentality and lifestyle. This app strives to dispel the 21-day development myth by focusing on more personalized ways for individuals to form habits, break bad habits and ultimately change their behavior.

How does the App Work?

When you download the app, you’re routed to a page that prompts you to select a task that you’d like to form into a habit. When selecting this task, you get to determine the days on which you would like to complete it, the time limit in which you’d like the task completed, the difficulty level of the task and also a reminder for this task to keep you on track. If you’re having difficulties determining which habit you’d like to form, they provide a guide to selecting habits and even a list of habits that you could consider forming. Once you’ve completed this preliminary step, your top three active habits are displayed on a progress screen and it’s then left up to you to complete your tasks to ultimately form your desired habits. Each day you complete a task you have the opportunity to track this by simply selecting the task on your progress screen and as your progress increases, this will ultimately develop into a formed habit.

What I love about this App

Generally, my favorite thing about this app is the fact that it keeps it real. It recognizes that people have different obstacles in their life that may impede habit formation and that as a result, an arbitrary 21 days may be insufficient to actually form a habit. The makers of this app relied on scientific research and studies during app development, which shows that a quick fix mentality is not effective in building or changing habits. Therefore, it provides flexible scheduling which gives you the option of easing into this habit as your schedule permits. As opposed to a regimented expectation of performance on a daily basis.

The app also keeps it real by allowing you to select the difficulty level of each task. All habits aren’t created equal and this feature captures that reality. It allows you to rank your selected task on a scale from “piece of cake” to impossible. Based on the difficulty level you’ve selected the app determines how many “reps” or times you need to complete the task before the habit is actually formed.

The app also keeps it real by providing a reminder feature. Because, who doesn’t need some additional prodding to actually get a task done?

My Personal Experience

As I write this article I’ve now had this app for 16 days and although I was skeptical in the beginning, I’ve now grown to really like it. Upon my initial download I was more focused on getting my reps completed on each day but inevitably, life got in the way. I just started a new job so it was difficult to focus on forming habits as I was trying to settle into a new schedule. Shortly thereafter a hurricane hit my state, and I realized that it’s really tough to develop a habit when a natural disaster is wreaking havoc.

This app, however, helped me to recognize that life will always get in the way of our goals and therefore it will be necessary to use the tools we have in hand to overcome those obstacles. Therefore, I started using the reminder feature of the app to help to keep me accountable. I also realistically re-scheduled my reps to be completed on days that I know I would actually have the time. Since making these adjustments, my progress has definitely improved. I still have a way to go before forming my habits but I’m hopeful that I will get there.

How Can This App Help You?

If you’re a law student or an attorney, this app is perfect for you! As an attorney, I’ve found that this app helps me to stay on track with my desire to de-stress and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is certainly an excellent way to keep you accountable for the other things that we lose sight of when we get swept away into the legal world.

As a law student or an attorney, you can use this app to maintain a consistent exercise schedule, leisure time and even time for extracurricular activities. This app can help you to be more well-rounded which will ultimately boost your performance in your legal career.


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About Christen Morgan

Christen Morgan graduated magna cum laude from the University of Tampa where she received her B.S. in Criminology. She earned her J.D. from Emory Law School where she competed and served as an executive board member for the Emory Law Moot Court Society. Christen also served as a student representative for LexisNexis and also as a mentor for several 1L students offering them advice and a variety of resources to help them through their law school journey.

Christen previously practiced as a Foreclosure Attorney for a Real Estate law firm but has since then transitioned into a Real Estate Specialist role at a wireless infrastructure company.

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