How to Conduct Great Informational Interviews #4: What Did You Learn?

NotesWhile the informational interview is fresh in your mind, take the time to record your impressions.

Include a brief description of:

  • what the interviewee does in an average day at work
  • the details of their work environment
  • what you would like and dislike about this particular job

If the person you spoke with warned you away from their field, or from being a lawyer in general, include the reasons they offered for this opinion.

Look for Common Themes

Your goal with informational interviews should be to try to tease out common themes.

  • Does everyone you talk to complain about how many hours they work?
  • Do they consistently say there are aspects of their job that they love?

These are the things you want to pay careful attention to.

You’re Probably Not as Unique as You Think

I asked many of my attorney friends what advice they wish they’d been given before they applied to law school.

One replied, quite wisely:

Don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re unique. I wish I’d realized that I’m not actually that different from everybody else.

When I heard this, I was initially outraged! We’re all special and unique snowflakes, right? Well, not really.

If ten people all tell you they hate the same aspect of their job, chances are you’ll hate it too.

Put it all together:

Take your notes from the informational interviews and try to synthesize common themes.

What do people say they like about being an attorney?
What do people say they dislike about being an attorney?
What have I learned from conducting these interviews?

Did You Miss Anything?:

The four-step guide to conducting great informational interviews:

What common themes have you uncovered in your informational interviews? Leave them in the comments!

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