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Blueprint LSAT prepWe’re excited to initiate a series of interviews with various LSAT prep companies, exploring their approach and getting some tips for success. (If you’d like to be featured, let me know.)

Today, we’re talking with Blueprint LSAT Preparation, which offers online, classroom, and one-on-one LSAT prep.

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Could you talk a bit about Blueprint LSAT Prep: What’s your philosophy? What type of instruction do you offer? How are you different from other LSAT prep courses?

Blueprint’s philosophy is: Students are more likely to grasp the material when they are more engaged in it. This can be a tough task when it comes to something as dense as the LSAT, but that’s what sets us apart from other test prep companies.

Our instructors make studying for the LSAT an enjoyable experience by relating the material to students, often through examples inspired by pop culture.

The LSAT doesn’t have to suck. Just ask our past students.

What type of student is most likely to benefit from taking a Blueprint course?

The type of student who is most likely to benefit from Blueprint is one with:

  • a commitment of 2-3 months of hard work
  • a sense of humor
Who would your course not be a good fit for?

Blueprint would not be a good fit for anyone who wants the bare bones in LSAT prep.

I’m getting ready to choose an LSAT course. What should I look for to ensure the one I select is a good fit?

When choosing an LSAT course, the one thing you shouldn’t overlook is: Who is teaching it?

You’re going to be spending a lot of time listening to this person talk for hours on end about logic and critical thinking. You’ll want to make sure he or she knows what he or she is talking about, and you’ll also want to make sure you’ll be able to listen to their lectures without falling into a coma.

How much time do you suggest students spend to prepare for their first LSAT? Can it be done on top of school/work?

We recommend 2-3 months of preparation for the LSAT.

So much time is needed because you must first learn about the makeup of the exam to establish key concepts, and then it takes weeks of repetitive reinforcement to be prepared for anything that might come up on LSAT test day.

And LSAT prep can be done on top of school and work, although it should be treated like a part-time job itself. It can be a rough couple of months, but for a good LSAT score (and the shot at your dream law school), it’s worth the hard work.

What are your three best tips for doing as well as possible on the LSAT?

Our best tips:

  1. Take practice exams in an environment similar to LSAT test day (i.e. somewhere with distractions).
  2. Review every answer you get wrong to find out why you missed it. You won’t learn otherwise.
  3. Register early so you get priority for the best LSAT test center.

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Thanks, Blueprint! Want to learn more? Check out the Blueprint LSAT Preparation website.

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  1. Jennifer Straka says

    I took the Blueprint course in Boston and my instructor was Joshua Loveall. I also did private tutoring with him which was great for reinforcing the lessons from the course and working on the material I found to be most challenging. Joshua was a great instructor. He was extremely knowledgeable about all areas of the LSAT and explained the material in a way that made it easy to understand. He also had a good attitude and sense of humor that made studying for the LSAT as enjoyable as possible. He made himself available to all the students whenever they needed and was very genuine in his approach. My score increased by 13 points from my initial starting score.

    The class is set up so that you complete 16 lessons going over every question type and possible situation you could see on the LSAT, 3 workshops to reinforce and practice the material, and 6 proctored practice exams. There is “homework” that goes along with the lessons and workshops as well. The class is very thorough and well organized. There are also lots of online resources you get access to when you take the course that I found to be very helpful as well. I had researched all the typical names when it comes to test preparation and when I came across Blueprint I was impressed by all they offered and their more modern approach to LSAT preparation. I am very happy to have taken the course and worked with Joshua as I am now accepted into law school and looking forward to continuing my education.

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