4 Tips for Staying Healthy in Law School

Katy McCoyWe all know law school is time consuming, particularly during exams. But you know what’s extra time consuming? Having to spend the whole day sick in bed!

Today, we’re thrilled to have 1L Katy McCoy here to share some tips she’s learned about staying healthy and sane in law school.

Take it away, Katy!

When you start law school, it quickly becomes obvious that for the remainder of your time there, you will never have “extra” time. But, by being good to yourself, you can avoid taking time away from yourself.

Implementing these basic behaviors can help you do that:

  1. Take a daily multivitamin. And eat nutrient-rich foods. You do not have time to be sick. Trying to follow a lecture on personal jurisdiction through a Dayquil haze should be classified as torture.
  2. Learn to manage your stress before you start school, and make time for stress management. School is stressful, but if you can limit a crippling freak out to once a semester rather than once a week, you’ll have enviable extra hours.
  3. Make sure any medical conditions are well-controlled before you start, even if this means postponing your enrollment. I get migraines; law school amplified them. They consume time at an exponential rate. As do doctor’s appointments and general un-wellness.
  4. Get enough sleep. You may be able to survive on six or five or four hours, but law school requires intense mental engagement. You are constantly synthesizing material. Once a month someone who hasn’t been sleeping enough gets a great night of sleep and comes into class restored. Their outlook is better, they’re alert, they ask great questions. (And they’re less likely to get sick).

Yes, these time-gifting habits take time, but law school requires engagement and your best self.

When you walk into the building, you have to be ready both mentally and socially — you’re stuck with your section and surrounded by professors in the common areas.

It will be hard, but this is your life for the foreseeable future. Choose to be good to yourself.

— – —

Thanks, Katy! Excellent advice all around.

Katy McCoy is a student at Seton Hall University School of Law. She is interested in international art law, freedom of the press and UNC basketball. You can follow her on Twitter @krmccoy.

What tips have you got for the sniffling law students of the world? Share your best advice in the comments!

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