About Aleena Ijaz

Aleena is a rising 3L at Harvard Law School interested in criminal appellate work. She spent her 1L year at George Washington University Law School before transferring to Harvard to complete her legal education. As a law student, she has been active in criminal law societies and the Women's Law Association, serves as an editor on a Harvard law journal, and has assisted on legal research ranging from jailhouse informant testimony to the complexities of federal courts. She hails from northern Virginia and attended the University of Virginia for her undergraduate studies, where she finished with a double major in economics and public policy along with a minor in biology. In her free time, Aleena enjoys mentorship, dancing, and listening to Supreme Court podcasts.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Involved Around Campus

The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Involved Around CampusThis week we’re welcoming back guest writer Aleena Ijaz to talk about why you may want to get involved around campus and what are some best practices.

You’ve probably found out by now that “law school” is more than just school. It’s a lifestyle. To ensure that your lifestyle is as balanced as humanly possible, you may choose to get involved around your law school campus. You may want to fill your days with something more than reading and briefing cases. But while getting involved is a great way to make the most of your law school experience, extracurricular involvements (or the lack thereof) can quickly snowball into your biggest regrets. Before you pay another membership fee or sign up for another journal, keep the following in mind: [Read more…]

What on Earth is a Clerkship and How Do I Get One?

What on Earth is a Clerkship and How do I Get One?

This week we welcome guest writer Aleena Ijaz to talk about, and demystify, the clerkship process.

I had absolutely no idea what a “clerkship” was before I started law school. So, if you are reading this post and don’t even know what a clerkship really is, don’t stop reading. I will explain.

[Read more…]