Transferring Law Schools: How I Jumped Ship

Ashley KirkwoodPlease welcome back Ashley Kirkwood, with more on the logistics of the law school transfer process. As she explained in her first post, she recently transferred to Northwestern Law — after being rejected from every law school she initially applied to.

Welcome back, Ashely!

“It is going to be nearly impossible to transfer from here to that law school! That is one of the best schools in the city!” I heard this more than once. But I internalized: “It is rare for people to transfer from here to that law school, so you need to strategize.”
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Transferring Law Schools: Why I Jumped Ship

Ashley KirkwoodWondering about the law school transfer process? Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Ashley Kirkwood, a recent transfer to Northwestern, for a series on the transfer decision and process. First up, the background of her personal law school transfer story.


Applying to Law School Three Times

Getting into law school once is tough, but doing it twice presents its own set of challenges.

I have been through the law school application cycle three times.

The first time I applied, I didn’t get into a single law school. The second go-round, I got into the only law school that I applied to. The third time was the transfer application process.

Once I got accepted into a law school, I went—no questions asked. I went and planned to excel. I also planned to transfer after my 1L year to a higher ranked law school.

I get a lot of questions regarding why I transferred, how I transferred, and how I like being at a new law school. I am going to answer those three questions in a series of posts. First, I will give the cliff notes version of my journey to law school.
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