About Gabriella Martin

Gabriella Martin is a law student at Quinnipiac University School of Law in the Intellectual Property concentration. Gabriella graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in English Literature which furthered a passion for creative writing and analysis. Gabriella is involved in several ABA committees and numerous student organizations--including a 1L mentoring program. When she is not writing for Law School Toolbox or The Girl's Guide to Law School, Gabriella can be found catching up on TV shows, discovering new music, and going on adventures, both big and small.

A 2L’s Guide to 1L Year: How to Go From Surviving to Succeeding

SucceedPlease welcome back Gabriella Martin, our now 3L guest writer from Quinnipiac University School of Law. Now that you’ve got your bearings, she offers some great insight on what to expect and how to thrive!

So you’ve gotten through the first couple weeks of 1L year—you know where your classes are, you know what the professors are looking for, and you’re probably starting to breathe a little easier. But of course, because you’re a fast paced person like the rest of us, you’re probably thinking . . . now what?

Well now, baby shark, now that you’ve discovered your legal super powers, it’s time to start learning how to navigate the waters and begin your journey to becoming a legal superhero. To get you started, here are a handful of tips I wish I would have known just over a year ago. [Read more…]

Being Okay with Your Choices – Law School Edition


Please welcome back Gabriella Martin, 2L guest writer, who offers some great insight on how to make sure your law school choices are right for you, even if they don’t follow a traditional path. 

A new Spring semester brings with it the stress of finding an internship for the summer. It has to be an internship that looks good on your resume, that will give you a good experience and most importantly, that will make you happy. When you start thinking of internships, you’ll have the obvious concerns—what field of law should it be in, how should you draft a resume and what is the best way to interview.

But there’s one concern that lurks out of sight—just the slightest of nags on your brain—until it sneaks up on you and throws you into an existential tail spin. It’s that fear that you’re not doing things right (read: “like everyone else”) or that you’re not pushing yourself far or hard enough. [Read more…]

What Makes a Mentor?

mentorToday, we welcome back 2L contributor, Gabriella Martin, to talk about the value of having and being a mentor.

What is the point of mentor? Why is it a term that seems to be mentioned by every attorney you’ll meet, regardless of their field? Before coming to law school, I thought about this a lot. I have a pride streak a mile long and to me asking for a mentor or seeking help is a sign of weakness. Or so I thought.

Over the past year and half I have begun to collect mentors like some people collect stamps. Each mentor has their value, be it through the advice they offer, the ears they lend, or the support they give freely.

Although I’ve begun to be mentor myself (you’ll be amazed at the amount of advice you can pass on to someone who’s only a year below you), in order to know what makes mentoring so important, I sat down with two incredible women who I am honored to call my mentors. Maggie Castinado is a public defender in New Haven, CT and the immediate past president of the Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association. Paty Jimenez is junior associate at a large firm here in Connecticut, Reid & Riege.

[Read more…]

Speaking My Truth: Mental Health in Law School

mental health depressionPlease welcome back Gabriella Martin, 2L law student at Quinnipiac University School of Law, who writes about managing mental health issues in law school. 

My mental health isn’t something I usually advertise. Of course, it’s not necessarily a secret (especially now), but the truth of the matter is that I have dealt with depression, anxiety and social anxiety since middle school. Psychological disorders like mine are not something that ever shifts into the past tense. I cannot magically cure my condition any more than a diabetic can wave a magic wand to rid themselves of their diabetes. It is something I have, and something I must learn to manage.

And while life has thrown me a number of curveballs, nothing has made it more difficult to manage my mental health than law school. I remember after the first month I felt as though my body and brain had run a marathon. By the end of my first year I felt as though I had gone through the ringer a hundred times over.

Law school is hard. When you’re dealing with a psychological condition, it becomes a NAVY SEAL boot camp. But just like boot camp, you can get through. You will be pushed to your absolute limits and lowest points, but you will come out stronger because of it. Here are a couple tips for avoiding a breakdown (#beentheredonethat) and succeeding little by little each day. [Read more…]

Bouncing Back from Rejection

rejection confidence

Today, we’re excited to welcome back Gabriella Martin, 2L guest writer, to talk about the inevitable and always unpleasant rejection and how to recover without breaking your stride.

Rejection sucks. Honestly, I don’t think there will ever come a time where you get rejected—from a job, a date, whatever—and your first thought will be, “Huh, I’m so glad that happened.” Yes, you may get there eventually, but when you first hear that, “thanks, but no thanks,” you feel upset and, to some degree, unsteady. Why? [Read more…]

Mindfulness through Music in Law School

music mindfulness playlist

Today, we welcome back Gabriella Martin, 2L guest writer, to share tips for effectively utilizing one of everyone’s favorite items in your law school survival toolbox: music.

As a 1L, I was completely overwhelmed. In all the chaos of adapting to law school, I quickly forgot all the study skills and mindfulness techniques that I had learned over the years. Now settled in, my 2L year has been all about reclaiming those forgotten skills. Slowly but surely, I am learning that my undergrad classes and past experiences have given me a unique perspective from which to tackle, understand and convey the law.

One of these unique perspectives is my background in music. Coming from a family of musicians and being a musician myself has instilled in me an overwhelming—borderline obsessive—appreciation of music. Music is a part of who I am; it’s in my blood. Music can help calm me down. Music can help energize me. Music can keep me focused.

But I know that I’m not alone in this experience. They say that music is the universal language, affecting most everyone in some way regardless of where they’re from. And call me crazy, but I believe this universal language can help you get through law school, too. Here are four steps to making music a part of your law school survival kit. [Read more…]

Why Having a Non-Law School Person to Lean On Is So Important

Law school helpToday, we’re pleased to welcome back Gabriella Martin, 2L extraordinaire, to talk about why it’s so important to keep your non-law school people close!

I want my mom. This is a phrase that I am unashamed to say passes through my mind on almost a daily basis in law school. And I can bet that I am not alone in this regard. But why? What is it about law school that has that part of our brain reverting to the same coping mechanisms we used when we were little? [Read more…]

In the Media: How Women Lawyers are Portrayed on TV and in the News (with podcast)

Women Lawyers in the MediaToday, we’re excited to announce the second episode of Law School Transparency’s podcast mini-series about women in the law. This week’s theme is how women lawyers are portrayed on TV. For the next five weeks, we’ll be running posts related to the LST topic of the week, along with a podcast episode and roundtable discussion on the same topic. You can learn more at LSTradio.com/women. Hope you enjoy it!

This week, our guest writer is Gabriella Martin, a 2L at Quinnipiac University School of Law. Welcome, Gabriella! [Read more…]

Hey Sweetie: The Practical Impact of Sexism in the Legal Workplace (plus Podcast)

Sexism in the lawToday, we’re excited to announce the first episode of Law School Transparency’s podcast mini-series about women in the law. This week’s theme is sexism in the workplace. For the next six weeks, we’ll be running posts related to the LST topic of the week, along with a podcast episode and roundtable discussion on the same topic. You can learn more at LSTradio.com/women. Hope you enjoy it!

This week, our guest writer is Gabriella Martin, 2L at Quinnipiac University School of Law. Welcome, Gabriella!

Coming from the South, I grew up hearing names like sweetie, darling and honey, mostly from older women who were teachers, mentors and friends. These terms held no negative connotation for me because they were used so frequently and without malice. However, my perspective changed as I grew older and I came to realize how these terms, which in my childhood had been no more than innocent pronouns, were used time and time again to demean, subjugate and belittle. As an adult, I learned that names are just the tip of the sexism and gender inequality iceberg.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Law School Friendships

law school friendsToday, we’re excited to welcome 2L Gabriella Martin, who’s talking about a very important topic — why you need friends in law school! Seriously, these are the people who will get you through, so read on.

Sometimes law school gives you such tunnel vision that it can be difficult to see beyond your own casebook, but if you look up you’ll discover a crucial tool that will help you get through to that almighty bar exam without losing your mind.

Your law school friendships. [Read more…]