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Jeena Cho is a San Francisco bankruptcy attorney with JC Law Group PC. She’s working on her second book, The Anxious Lawyer for the ABA. Jeena also teaches classes on Mindfulness and Meditation for Lawyers. You can email her at or follow her on Twitter @jeena_cho.

10 Tips to Help You Decide What Type of Law to Practice

Jeena ChoPlease welcome back Jeena Cho with a follow up to her excellent post, The Art of the Hustle. Today, Jeena’s sharing 10 tips that will help you decide what type of law you’d like to practice.

Take it away!

I recently gave a talk “What I Wish I Learned in Law School” at Golden Gate University. I talked a lot about The Art of the Hustle. During the talk, one student asked me if I had any tips for figuring out what area of law to pursue after graduation. She shared that when she considered the question — what area to practice after law school — it made her feel anxious.

I know this feeling well.
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The Art of the Hustle

Jeena ChoYou might recall that I recently (apropos of nothing) declared 2014 The Year of the Hustle. I got a number of thoughtful responses to that piece, saying essentially, “Yeah, this is all well and good as an idea, but how exactly am I supposed to do any of this?”

Conveniently, our good friend Jeena Cho, co-founder of the JC Law Group, agreed to drop by with a special guest post on the art of the hustle. You know, what you actually need to do to make things happen!

Without further ado, here’s Jeena.

Are you having trouble repaying your student loan because you’re unemployed or underemployed? I speak to a lot of recent grads that are looking for jobs. One of the biggest problem I see? The lack of hustle.

Hustle is defined as “proceed or work rapidly or energetically.” If you’re browsing the help wanted section of Craigslist or sending out a mass mailer campaign to find a job, that’s not hustling.

Hustling should not be confused with desperation.

Think about a founder of a start-up. You have to be hungry and driven to get what you want. (Note from Alison: I recently heard this referred to as “polite persistence,” which seems perfectly on point.)

Unlike law school, in real life, there are no exams (thank goodness!) or standardized measures. You get to where you want to go by making connections. Lots and lots of connections.

Not sure how to start? Here are some tips:
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How Do I Keep From Declaring Bankruptcy After Law School? An Interview with Bankruptcy Lawyer Jeena Cho

jeena choLet’s face it — law school is expensive (very expensive) and most students graduate with a ton of debt. Pair that with a lousy job market, and it’s easy to start thinking about ways to make your student loans go away.

Today, I’ve called in San Francisco bankruptcy attorney Jeena Cho of JC Law Group PC to offer her counsel.

Take it away, Jeena!

I’m getting ready to start law school, and I’m very concerned about the loans I’m taking out and my overall finances. What are the three most important things to keep in mind as I go through law school, to avoid finding myself in your office declaring bankruptcy?

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