LSAT Prep Options: Magoosh


We’re excited to initiate a series of interviews with various LSAT prep companies, exploring their approach and getting some tips for success. (If you’d like to be featured, let me know.)

Today, we’re talking with Magoosh, a self-study option that prides themselves on being affordable and tailored to the individual students needs. Welcome! [Read more…]

How to Punch Above Your Law School GPA


Today, we welcome guest Andre Castillo, founder of Career Mavin, a site that offers personal coaching and career training. He is sharing his tips on how to punch above your law school GPA.

It’s not fun to get lower law school grades than you wanted—but it’s going to be ok. You can easily punch above the GPAs of your colleagues with this simple strategy.

Here’s how.

I’ve worked as a corporate recruiter, and I have personally seen many, many people with law degrees looking for work. When JD grads would apply to my jobs, I actually saw very few that I ever wanted to hire—no matter what their GPA was. And that is for this one main reason.
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Bounce Back from Rough Law Grades to Get Your Real Dream Job


Joining us today, we have a guest post from Andre Castillo, founder of Career Mavin, a site that offers personal coaching and career training. He is sharing his tips on how to rally back from a less than stellar first semester.

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Career Development: Beatles or Stones?

Dan LearToday we are honored to welcome Dan Lear. He is a lawyer, blogger, and Director of Industry Relations for Avvo. Today he has brought an interesting perspective to career development. 

I’ve always found the question “Beatles or Stones?” rather asinine. The answer is, of course, Beatles. Period.

The Beatles were the perfect rock group. The Stones are not perfect but they’re probably the world’s most successful or enduring rock band.

Musically and artistically, there’s no question who is the superior band: The Fab Four.

However, when it comes to career development I’m “Stones.” Stones all the way.

But let’s back up and talk about why the Beatles are so much better than the Stones before explaining how this all relates to career development. [Read more…]

The Law School Mama: Tips for Balancing a Law School and Family Life for the Non-Traditional Student

Dakota DuncanPlease welcome Dakota Duncan, attorney and author of Law School Insights: An Insider’s Guide for Non-Traditional Students — which is filled with advice and success tips for parents who are either considering or who are already in law school. (You can download a free copy on Amazon Kindle from August 30 – September 1.) Today, Dakota is answering some questions on what it’s like to balance law school with children.

Welcome, Dakota!

I’m a new 1L, and I am going to law school with two young kids. Do you have any tips for balancing school and life, and making friends when I’ve got far more demands on my time than the average law student?

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It Is Time for Law Firm Leadership to “Lean In”

Susan Smith BlakelyToday we’re delighted to welcome back Susan Smith Blakely, author of the Best Friends at the Bar book series. Today she is discussing the “Lean In” mentality and what it really means for women in law careers. Welcome Back, Susan!


“Lean In,” coined by Sheryl Sandberg of Google and Facebook fame, has become the catch phrase for women professionals to get serious about their careers.  It has spawned book clubs and generated talking point for women who are yearning to get ahead in their careers.  However, leaning in by women professionals, especially women lawyers in private practice who are burdened with billable hours, has not worked effectively.  Most women lawyers I know have leaned in to the extent of falling over on their faces or have leaned in to the exclusion of families and children and become jaded about the sacrifice.  There has to be a new approach. [Read more…]

Law School is Expensive, Not Impossible: How to Navigate Student Aid

matt lenhard headshot

Please welcome Matt Lenhard, Co-Founder at LendEDU. LendEDU is a marketplace for student loans and student loan refinancing. Today he is sharing the different ways to pay for your law school education. 

Welcome, Matt!

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