About Luisa Andonie

Luisa Andonie is an inquisitive law student who seeks to reverse engineer the thoughts, conventions and creations she admires to recraft them into new products while providing a pedagogical journey. She believes we each have a mission and is out to find it.

Dealing with Law School Breakdowns


Please welcome Luisa Andonie, law student and guest writer, who offers some great tips for overcoming overwhelm in law school.

First of all, if this is you, give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Bouncy legs, acceleration of the pulse, and insomnia are all part of the rite of passage in law school (along with property’s Rule Against Perpetuities, and civil procedure’s Erie case). You will have stories to tell your children when they complain about their book report assignments. These are the battle scars that will make you stand up straight in court and give you an aura of knowledge and control in business transactions. [Read more…]