How to Get Law Journal Work Done Without Losing Your Mind

Law ReviewI’ll be honest — I hated Law Review. Every second I spent in the bowels of the law school library searching dusty books for obscure references was time wasted, in my opinion. But, on the upside, I got quite good at getting my cite-checking assignments done quickly!

Here are a few tips for getting your journal work done, without losing your mind:

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Disappointing 1L Grades? Four Common Reasons, and How to Fix Them!

Disappointing gradesAs law school classes start back up again, many of you are trying to come to terms with your disappointing 1L grades.

People tend to take one of two approaches when the first year didn’t go so well. Most students just accept the status quo, decide they’re lousy law students, and quit trying. But some students take a different approach: They systematically analyze what went wrong, and embark on a deliberate plan to improve their weak spots and do better in the final years of law school.

It’s up to you which category you want to be in, but — if you’re in the second category and you really want to do better — here are four common places 1Ls go wrong, with some techniques for fixing each problem.

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Law Firm Hiring Partners Talk About What They’re Looking For

Are you interviewing for summer associate jobs? If so, I strongly suggest you watch this Bloomberg Law video series. (And I’m not just saying that because I’m in it. Trust me, I’m the low man on the totem pole here — the rest of the guests are seriously impressive BigLaw hiring partners and such.)

All total, they run about half an hour, but I pretty much guarantee you’ll learn something useful!

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7 Ways to Stay Sane During OCI

Note cardsAugust is here, which can only mean one thing — the annual craziness of on-campus interviewing is about to begin!

For the uninitiated, OCI is how most law firm summer associate positions are handed out. Students interview en masse before classes start, often in a hotel or set of on-campus conference rooms. In one day, you might do 10 or more screening interviews, with an eye towards getting to the all-important callback stage (which requires another day of interviews, on site in the office you’re interested in).

Every school is different, of course, but — in my experience — OCI was alternately boring, stressful, frantic, and exhausting. Not to say there weren’t some good parts, but the whole experience can be a bit overwhelming!

Therefore, I offer you seven tips for maintaining your sanity during the OCI craziness:

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10 Things to Consider When Picking Law School Classes

Picking law school classesDo you have to select your classes soon? Here’s a great guest post from Lee Burgess on what to think about as you’re deciding!

If you are a 1L (or a 2L) it is that time of year when you are starting to decide what classes to sign up for for next semester.

I remember when I was presented with this decision for the first time:

I had no idea where to begin.

Here are 10 tips to help you with the decision process:

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Exam Prep Made Simple: Organize Your Thoughts

OutlineIf you’ve never taken a law school exam before, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s a lot to know, and what you’ve done in class has little relationship to what you’ll be tested on.

After giving the matter lots of thought (a luxury you only have when you’re not actually taking exams!), I’ve concluded two factors are critical to success:

  1. Organization
  2. Practice

Keep your focus on these two aspects of your exam prep, and you’ll spend your study time productively. Stray, and you might end up spinning your wheels and wasting time.

This post focuses on Organization, and Practice will be coming soon.

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Why Every Law Student Should Be on Twitter

TwitterI’ll admit that I didn’t initially “get” Twitter. Friends had been telling me to sign up for years, but it seemed like a waste of time. When I launched The Girl’s Guide website, I pretty much had to set up an account, because there’s a “Follow me on Twitter” button at the top of every page. (Suffice it to say my designer put it there without asking me. I didn’t notice until it was too late to take it down.)

For the first few weeks, I still didn’t see the point. I posted a few links, got some (very random) followers, and not much happened. Then, suddenly, the light bulb went on — Twitter is the best thing ever!

Every law student should have an account.

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What Are Law Firms Looking For? Get the Inside Scoop From a Legal Recruiter!

HandshakeYou’re in for a treat! My fantastic friend Rebecca Netter, who left Biglaw to become a legal recruiter, has agreed to answer some questions about getting a legal job, from the perspective of someone who spends all day figuring out if someone is a viable candidate for legal jobs.

In other words, she knows what she’s talking about.

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The One Question That Will Improve Any Résumé

Light bulbWe can talk all day about résumé formatting, or what should be included, but there’s really only one question you should be asking (repeatedly) to make your résumé shine for any occasion.

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The Inside Scoop on Law Firm Summer Associate Programs

HierarchyWhat, you might reasonably ask, qualifies me to talk about law firm summer associate programs? Glad you asked. Basically, I made a hobby out of being a summer associate. I managed to summer at three different firms, in three cities and two countries, over three summers, for a combined total of something absurd like 30 weeks. Hey, it’s not a bad gig! Most of the time.

Why Do Law Firms Have Summer Associates?

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