Items to Consider Adding to Your 3L Year To-Do List

We’re welcoming back Jaclyn Wishnia to talk about going into 3L year and how to be prepared and think ahead to post-grad as well.

An old law school adage states, “1L, they scare you to death; 2L, they work you to death; and 3L, they bore you to death.” This maxim isn’t entirely accurate. While the former two hold true for many law students, the latter certainly doesn’t. Each year of law school presents its own unique set of challenges. Though finals will no longer seem as daunting as they were during 1L, there are plenty of other obstacles that dispel the notion that 3L will be “boring” – like the bar. [Read more…]

Is 3LOL a Myth? 3 Ways to Handle A Stressful 3L Year

Is 3LOL A Myth? How to handle a stressful 3L Year.This week we welcome back guest writer, Christen Morgan, attorney and Real Estate Specialist at a wireless infrastructure company, to talk about how you can manage 3L year, even when it’s not the smooth sailing you expected – and you’re actually stressed out!

When I started law school there were three things I looked forward to more than anything; 1) landing a summer job, 2) the Thursday afternoon keg and 3) my 3L year. By the time I received my 1L summer job offer and realized that I was far too busy as a 1L to attend the Thursday keg, the only thing that kept me going was my dreams about 3L year. I fantasized about being a 3L who had it all together; a permanent job offer in place, a light class schedule and an exciting social life complete with being in attendance at all the kegs my heart could desire. Fast forward two years later to the start of my 3L year – reality struck. No, I did not have a permanent job offer, my class schedule was busier than ever and, although I had a social life, it was not as free flowing as I would have hoped for. My initial thoughts were that 3LOL is clearly a myth. A phrase coined specifically for 1Ls and 2Ls to dull their angst during stressful periods. However, once I got into the swing of things, I realized that 3LOL isn’t a myth but more of a relative term. Some students may experience the joy of being a free, lighthearted 3L throughout their entire final year. Some, like myself, will only experience the joy of 3LOL during their last semester. Whereas some students may not experience the joy of 3LOL at all. [Read more…]

What Law School Classes Should You Take?

Choosing Law School Classes3L Michelle Williams, author of the excellent Introvert’s Guide to Law School Networking returns with advice on a very important topic — deciding which law school classes to take.

During 1L year, I spent absolutely no time thinking about how to choose classes for 2L year. The week before 2L year registration, I was in a mild tizzy. I had no idea what to take and which professors to take. Thankfully, things turned out more or less fine.

I’m feeling nostalgic (and relieved) since I have just finished registration for my final semester of law school. Most law schools will soon release a tentative schedule for fall 2014. Rather than stressing yourself the week of registration, consider a few different class-choosing strategies now.

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Disappointing 1L Grades? Four Common Reasons, and How to Fix Them!

Disappointing gradesAs law school classes start back up again, many of you are trying to come to terms with your disappointing 1L grades.

People tend to take one of two approaches when the first year didn’t go so well. Most students just accept the status quo, decide they’re lousy law students, and quit trying. But some students take a different approach: They systematically analyze what went wrong, and embark on a deliberate plan to improve their weak spots and do better in the final years of law school.

It’s up to you which category you want to be in, but — if you’re in the second category and you really want to do better — here are four common places 1Ls go wrong, with some techniques for fixing each problem.

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A Review of the Smarter Review Bar Exam Course

Studying for the bar examOne of the great things about running a website is that occasionally you can do favors for your friends!

In this case, a nice person from Smarter Review contacted me to see if I wanted to check out their bar review course. Frankly, the last thing I wanted to do was ever think about the bar exam again, but — conveniently — my law school roommate (who you might remember from this awesome post on getting a public interest job) had just decided to take the NY bar in February.

Win, win. Smarter Review gave her a free course, and she agreed to write about the experience for you.

So, here you go!

(If you want to try the course yourself, there’s a 15% discount code at the bottom.)

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Job Hunting for 3Ls and Recent Law Grads: Coping with an Extended Job Search

Stress BallIn this fifth, and final, part of our job-hunting series for 3Ls and recent law grads, Katie Slater of Career Infusion Coaching addresses a very critical issue: How can you stay sane in the face of an extended job hunt?

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Job Hunting for 3Ls and Recent Law Grads: How to Get the Inside Scoop

ShadowIn part four of our job-hunting series for 3Ls and recent law grads, Katie Slater of Career Infusion Coaching provides tactical tips for getting insider information on job listings and potential openings.

Try to Contact Someone Before Submitting Your Application

A word on job postings.

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Job Hunting for 3Ls and Recent Law Grads: Who Do You Know?

Pick up the phoneIn part three of our job-hunting series for 3Ls and recent law grads, Katie Slater of Career Infusion Coaching provides tactical advice on getting a job, starting with one critical question: Who do you know?

Job Hunting Advice for 3Ls and Recent Law Grads

The second level is of your job search plan is tactical: What concrete steps do you need to take to achieve the ultimate goal of getting a job?

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Job Hunting for 3Ls and Recent Law Grads: What Do You Want?

Clear eyedIn part two of our job-hunting series for 3Ls and recent law grads, Katie Slater of Career Infusion Coaching discusses a critical — and often overlooked — set of questions: What do you actually want to do? What suits you?

If you missed part one, you can catch up here. Now, without further ado, here’s Katie.

Job Hunting Advice for 3Ls and Recent Law Grads

So, after part one, you should have a better sense of your strengths and skills — time to think about what you actually want to do.

In this part, the goal is to determine what types of law or fields would suit you, and explore some of your other job-related preferences.

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Unemployed 3L or Recent Law Grad? This Job Hunting Series is for You!

Katie SlaterAfter I published 12 Things I’d Do if I Were An Unemployed 3L, I reached out to Katie Slater, lawyer-turned-career-coach and founder of Career Infusion Coaching, to see what job hunting advice she’d give to an unemployed 3L.

Well, she came through in spades! She’s got tons of great advice — so it’s going to be a five-part series running all week.

Job Hunting Advice for 3Ls and Recent Law Grads

To all the 3Ls looking for gainful employment and recent law grads without jobs, I have a few thoughts that may help.

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