Thinking About Public Interest Work? Find Out About LRAP, Getting the Job You Want, and More!

MoneyToday’s interview is with Radhika Singh Miller, program manager for Educational Debt Relief and Outreach at Equal Justice Works. If you’re considering public interest work, Equal Justice Works has your back!

They’ll help you chose the right law school, get the in-school experience you need, and fund your work after you graduate. In addition, they’re on the front lines of the education debt fight, helping ensure that important public interest work can continue, even in the face of crippling student debt loads.

Without further ado, here’s Radhika!

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How Can Anyone Afford to Do Public Interest Work? Equal Justice Works Explains Some Options

Equal Justice Works logoLots of people start law school thinking they’d eventually like to do public interest work. Unfortunately, many of them soon encounter the harsh financial realities of such a path.

Today’s guest post, from Susan K. Gurley, Deputy Director of Equal Justice Works, outlines what Equal Justice Works is doing to help young lawyers stay on the public interest path, despite the obstacles.

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Want a Public Interest Job? Find Out How to Get One Here!

DreamLots of people go to law school because they want to do public interest work. Sadly, fewer people end up actually doing it.

Here’s an interview with my fantastic law school roommate, Gráinne O’Neill, who’s living the dream! She’s a real, live public interest lawyer, and she’s got great tips on how you can be one, too.

Read on.

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