Want to Save the World? Meet a Lawyer Who’s Doing It

Lara Pearson photoAre you in law school because you want to make the world a better place? It is possible!

Today, I’m delighted to interview Lara Pearson, a certified do-gooder who’s using her legal training for good.

And, interestingly enough, we met on a ski lift (just proving that you really don’t have to play golf to get ahead in life).

Check it out!

I went to law school to make the world better, but all I do is read for class and take exams. Do you have suggestions for connecting with “the real world” that I want to help?

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Is Lawyering the Right Path for You?

Lainee BeigelI get a lot of emails from people who might want to be lawyers, asking if it’s the right move, and from current law students, asking whether they should continue. Today, I’ve called in a career expert, Lainee Beigel of Career Esquire, to offer her counsel.

Take it away!

I’m a 3L who’s graduating in a few months, and I’m not sure I still want to be a lawyer. How can I figure out the right path for me?

Many law students question whether they really want to be lawyers at one point or another. I often found myself daydreaming about other careers when I was extremely stressed out.
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Do I Need a Recruiter? What Do They Do, Anyway?

Angela Kopolovich - Legal RecruiterToday, we’ve got a special guest here to talk about what’s a rather mysterious topic for many law firm associates: working with a recruiter.

Angela Kopolovich is the Managing Director of Alegna International, a boutique attorney recruiting firm, and she’ll give you the lowdown on working with a recruiter (and what to do if you really, really hate your job).

Without further ado…

Recruiters call me at work all the time. Is it okay to talk to them? I don’t really understand what they do. Will they charge me for the services they provide?

Here’s an inside look at how the recruiting business works. (Stick with me, it can get a little hairy).

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Want to Quit Your Law Job and Travel the World? This Entrepreneur Did

Elizabeth Leonard - Blue Bridge ProjectHere at The Girl’s Guide, we’re a sucker for lawyer-turned-entrepreneurs. (I wonder why.)

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Elizabeth Leonard, a Penn Law grad who left her public interest law job to create Blue Bridge Project, which provides life-changing travel experiences to high-school students.

Ever wanted to chuck your law job and travel the world? Well, Elizabeth actually did it! Here’s her story:

You have an interesting background, in that you went to law school, worked as a public interest lawyer, then started the Blue Bridge Project. This path from law to entrepreneur is one that’s happening a lot these days. Was this your plan when you started law school, or did it develop afterwards? How did you decide that entrepreneurship was right for you?

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Afraid of the Media, but Want Attention? PR Pro Paramjit L. Mahli Shares Some Tips

Paramjit L. MahliLawyers have a love/hate relationship with publicity and rainmaking. Today, we’re pleased to have Paramjit L. Mahli here to talk about both of these things!

Paramjit is the Founder/CEO of The Rainmakers Roundtable, and — although she’s not a lawyer — she has lots of good advice for the legal profession!

Without further ado…

I’m a lawyer, and I live in terror of the day my phone rings with a reporter on the other end. What should I do in that situation? What do I need to think about beforehand?

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Should You Go to Law School? Should You Drop Out? Advice from Bruce MacEwen of JD Match and Adam Smith, Esq.

Bruce MacEwenToday we have a very special guest, Bruce MacEwen, president of JD Match and Adam Smith, Esq. He’s at the leading edge of innovation in the legal profession, and routinely writes and speaks about the serious issues lawyers face in the current economy.

To say he’s got opinions about the value of law school is an understatement! Without further ado, here’s Bruce.

I’m an undergrad who’s trying to decide whether to go to law school. I hear a lot about how the profession is in trouble (including from articles like this one). What should I consider before deciding to apply to law school?

Do you really want to be a lawyer?

  • Which requires you to know: Do you really know what it means to be a lawyer?
  • Which requires you to know: Do you really know what lawyers do all day?

True story: Here’s what lawyers do.

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Want a Legal Job? Listen to Shauna C. Bryce

Hard hatI know a lot of you are worried about finding that first job out of law school. (And with good reason.) That’s why I’m thrilled to have Shauna C. Bryce here.

Shauna’s a Harvard Law grad who paid her dues in BigLaw before leaving to start her own career consulting business for lawyers, Bryce Legal. She’s written a great book: How to Get a Legal Job: A Guide for New Attorneys and Law School Students and runs a useful website on the same topic.

Her advice is consistently useful and interesting, so let’s get started!

I’m a rising 2L, and I’m starting to get concerned about OCI. My grades are pretty good, and I’m at a top school, but I’ve never had a “professional” job before, and I’m pretty intimidated by the whole process. What can I do to improve my chances of a summer associate offer? And if that doesn’t work out, what should I do instead to find a summer position?

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Flipping Out About the Bar Exam? An MBE Expert is Here to Help

MBEI remember well the unpleasantness of preparing for the Multistate Bar Examination. Even after weeks of preparation, I was still completely convinced I’d failed afterwards! Not a fun test.

That’s why I’m very excited to have Sean Silverman here to talk about how to prepare for the MBE. Sean is an attorney and bar exam instructor, and he’s got great advice — whether you’re preparing for the bar exam now, or still have some time before you have to worry about it. Take it away!

I’m studying for the bar exam now, and it’s not going well. I’m particularly struggling with the MBE, because it seems so tricky! Do you have any tips for improving my MBE confidence (and scores) in the next month?

First, I’ll say that it’s really important to keep in mind that it’s a very common reaction to think that bar exam studying is not going well.

Provided you are putting in the required work each day, you should remain confident, as this will greatly benefit you.

There are two components to preparing for the MBE, neither of which is more important than the other:

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Considering Going Solo? Wisdom from the Founder of Solo Practice University

Susan Cartier LiebelToday’s interview is with Susan Cartier Liebel, Founder & CEO of Solo Practice University, one of my favorite law-related sites on the Internet. (Not kidding, it’s great.) She’s here to talk about her unique career path, and what you can do to position yourself for success if you’re considering going solo.

Without further ado…

I’ve been working full-time for about a decade, but I’m thinking of going to law school. I’m worried that I’m too old to do it, and that there won’t be anyone to hire me when I get out. You had a career before law school — how do you suggest evaluating my options, so I can figure out if law school is a good idea?

How I got to law school is a very interesting story…at least to some.

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Want to Be Content in Your Legal Career? Great Advice from Happy Go Legal

Happy Go Legal logoToday we’re very excited to have Chelsea Callanan here to discuss how to position yourself for a legal career that’s going to make you happy. Chelsea is one half of the fantastic Happy Go Legal, a website and coaching service designed to help you identify and reach your career (and life) goals. Check it out!

Now, without further ado, here’s Chelsea.

I’m considering going to law school, but I’m really concerned about the work-life balance aspects of the profession. What can I think about, or do, before applying to make sure law is the right career path for me? What can I do while I’m in in school to ensure I end up where I want to be?

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