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How to Get a Legal Job

We’ve talked to a bunch of people about how to identify and get the job you want after law school. As an added bonus, almost every interviewee discusses his or her own career path, so that should give you lots of ideas, too!

Figure Out What YOU Want

Will You Be a Happy Lawyer?
Fantastic interview with Jennifer Alvey, lawyer turned career coach for “thwarted creative” lawyer types. She’s got great insight to share about what personality types are most likely to be miserable working in the law. Check it out!

Wondering if Law’s Right for You? A Lawyer Turned Positive Psychology Expert Shares Her Insights
Another former lawyer, Paula Davis-Laack, who later did the master’s program in applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, shares her insights about the legal profession, and who’s likely to be happy there.

Is Lawyering the Right Path For You?
Lainee Beigel, founder of Career Esquire, stops by to share some advice on how to figure out if law’s the right path for you (before you start and after you’re in the middle of it).

Trying to Figure Out Your Legal Career? Expert Advice From a Career Guru
After seven years in BigLaw and several years in-house, Katie Slater decided to shift into career coaching. She shares her hard-won experience about how to figure out what you want from the legal profession — and then get it.

Should I Become a Lawyer? Some Advice from the Author of Best Friends at the Bar
Susan Smith Blakely, author of Best Friends at the Bar: What Women Need to Know about a Career in the Law, shares her insight about the challenges women face in the legal profession, and how they can be overcome.

The More Things Change…The More They Stay the Same
An interview with Kate McGuinness, a legal trailblazer. She started practicing in 1977, became a BigLaw partner, then left to become a writer and women’s rights activist. Suffice it to say, she’s got some stories to tell!

Want to be Content in Your Legal Career? Advice from Happy Go Legal
Chelsea Callanan, one half of Happy Go Legal, shares what she’s learned about being a lawyer, and discusses how to be content in the legal profession.

Is Balance Possible in the Legal Profession? We Interview Lawyer/Yogi Flynn Coleman
Feeling stressed out and unsure of your path? Check out this fantastic interview with a very centered lawyer/yogi.

How to Get the Job

What Are Law Firms Looking For? Get the Inside Scoop From a Legal Recruiter
Looking for a law firm job? Rebecca Netter tells you what firms are really looking for and how you can maximize your odds of getting the job you want.

Want a Public Interest Job? Find Out How to Get One Here
More the public interest type? Get advice on securing your dream job from my law school roommate, Gráinne O’Neill, who managed to do it!

Wondering How to Get a Law Job? Here’s Advice from a Law School Career Counselor
Philip Guzman, a law school career counselor with a wide variety of experiences in the law, shares his insight into getting a job as a 3L and deciding if law school’s the right choice for you.

Searching for a Legal Job? The Author of “From Lemons to Lemonade” Shares Some Ideas
Richard Hermann, author and lawyer, has some great advice for finding a legal job in this tough economy.

Want to Start Marketing Yourself in Law School? Some Great Tips!
It’s never too early to start positioning yourself for the job you want! Jared Correia shares some tips on using social media and other approaches to leapfrog the competition.

Looking for a Legal Job? Listen to Shauna C. Bryce
Shauna C. Bryce, author of How to Get a Legal Job: A Guide for New Attorneys and Law School Students shares some great tips for getting the job you want!

Do I Need a Recruiter? What Do They Do, Anyway?
Wondering if a legal recruiter might be able to help? Angela Kopolovich, lawyer turned legal recruiter, explains what recruiters can, and can’t, do for you.

How to Succeed in a Legal Job

Great, you got the job. Now what?

Want to Make a Good Impression at Your Law Firm Job? Check out this Interview With Greenhorn Legal!
Wondering if you’re really prepared for law firm practice? Get ready with these great tips from Desiree Moore of Greenhorn Legal.

Do You Have, or Want, a Summer Associate Position? Some Tips for Success
Andrew James, creator of the Summer Success Crash Course, shares some useful tips on succeeding as a summer associate (and on getting the job to begin with).

Feeling a Little Unprepared for Practice?
Not to worry, Faith Pincus can sort you out. She shares tips on getting the information and training you need as a young lawyer, and also has some great advice on how to get a clerkship!

Advice for Would-Be Solos

Considering Going Solo? Wisdom from the Founder of Solo Practice University
Susan Cartier Liebel, founder and CEO of Solo Practice University, shares lessons from her unique career path and talks about what you need to do to have a successful solo practice as a new law grad.

Thinking of Starting a Solo Law Practice? Avoid These Traps for the Unwary
If you’re thinking about going solo, there’s a lot to consider. Learn about common mistakes, so you can stay well clear!

Can You Start Your Own Firm Right Out of Law School? Meet Someone Who’s Doing It
Thinking about starting your own firm eventually? Why wait? Ruth Carter talks about starting a firm right out of law school (and, one of her specialty areas is going to be “flash mob law”).

Alternative Paths

Want to Save the World? Meet a Lawyer Who’s Doing It
Meet Lara Pearson, a trademark attorney who’s built her own niche “Protecting the Brands that are Changing the World®.”

Thinking About a Non-Traditional Law Career? Get A Bird’s Eye View
Jared Correia, Law Practice Management Advisor at the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, shares his own pathway out of the practice of law, and into a satisfying career.

Considering an Alternative Legal Career? Tips From a Professional Development Expert
Not sure law’s actually for you? Serena Claire Josephs, professional development expert at an AmLaw 100 firm, talks about how to figure out what alternative career would be a better fit.

Want to Chuck Your Legal Career and Become an Entrepreneur? A Report From the Field
Lots of attorneys dream of ditching the legal career and running their own business (cupcakes, anyone?). Before you jump, get the inside scoop on the entrepreneur’s life from Jeanne Pi, lawyer turned serial entrepreneur.

Had Enough of the Legal Profession? Maybe It’s Time to Quit and Hit the Open Road
Forget about this whole law thing! The open road is calling. Check out this hysterically funny and insightful interview with Tyler Coulson, a law firm associate who quit his job to — wait for it — walk across the country. Yeah, the whole country. By himself, with only his dog for company.

How to Handle Law School Debt

Struggling with Your Student Loan Debt? The Law School Student Loan Expert is Here to Help
Heather Jarvis, capital defense attorney turned student loan expert, shares great advice on handling your student loans — even when they seem really overwhelming!

Freaking Out About Your Law School Loans? Get Help From a Debt Guru
If you’re like most law students, you’ve got massive debt to keep you awake at night. It’s scary, right? Luckily, you’re not alone. Anna Newell Jones, debt guru extraordinaire, talks about how to get your debt under control so you can live the life you want.

Thinking About Public Interest Work? Find Out About LRAP, Getting the Job You Want, and More!
If you’re interested in public interest work, and you don’t know all about Equal Justice Works, stop what you’re doing and read this interview with Radhika Singh Miller, their program manager for Educational Debt Relief and Outreach, right now. It’s that important!

How to Succeed in Law School & on the Bar Exam

Nervous About Exams? Get Advice From a Rockstar Tutor
Tutor extraordinaire Lee Faller Burgess shares her best tips and strategies to help you get ready for law school exams.

Think You’ve Got a Lot to Do? We Talk to an Entrepreneurial Law School Mom!
You think you’re a busy law student? We check in with Ciara Vesey — law student, mother, and entrepreneur! The founder of Confessions of a Law School Nobody shares her tips for success.

Flipping Out About the Bar Exam? An MBE Expert is Here to Help
MBE expert Sean Silverman shares his tips for conquering the Multistate Bar Exam, one of the most feared tests around.

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