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Law School Academics - highlighterMost law students are used to doing well in school. That’s how you end up in law school, after all! But it’s important to recognize that some of the things that got you to law school might not get you through law school. If you’re used to cramming for exams and pulling all-nighters for an easy A, law school may be a rude awakening.

Read on for advice on all aspects of the law school academic experience (including the curve, which certainly complicates matters!).

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Best of luck!

Starting Law School on the Right Foot

Make sure you get off on the right foot in law school, by focusing on exams from day one and understanding the adjustments you’ll need to make to be a successful law student.

Succeeding Academically in Law School

Law school is structured very differently from other forms of higher education. What worked in the past is unlikely to serve you well in law school, unless you adapt your existing study techniques to the new law school pedagogy. Read on for lots of advice on studying effectively and how to think about law school, so you can be as successful here as you’ve always been before!

Law School Classes

Law school classes take up a lot of time and energy. Read on for advice about how to prepare for class (so you’ll get something out of it). You’ll also find strategies for dealing with your law school professors.

Law School Exams 101

Law school’s odd in that most, if not all, of your final grade will be based on a single exam at the end of the semester. You won’t get a lot of feedback or practice before the first set of exams, and what you’re tested on bears little resemblance to what’s discussed in class, so it’s critical to understand what’s expected of you as early in the semester as possible. The pages below will help you understand the basics of law school exams and have lots of advice on handling stress and getting ready for different types of exams.

Law School Grades

Law school grades can seem all-important, and certainly they do matter. But, they’re not everything and they don’t have to define your legal career. Below, we dig into some “truths” about grades, and suggest ways for you to handle law school grades — good or bad!

Writing in Law School

Writing in law school, whether for your legal research and writing class or for a law journal, can be very different from the writing you’ve done previously. Read on for strategies to help you get a handle on legal writing.

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