Law School Strategies

Surviving Law SchoolLet’s face it, law school can be a shock to the system! You’re dealing with lots of competition, a strict curve, and inherently challenging material. Oh, and let’s not get started on the wonders of the Socratic method!

In the sections below, you’ll find lots of helpful material — from all aspects of academics to ways to organize your life to stay focused and effective.

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All About Law School Academics

Like it or not, grades matter in law school. The law school system can seem very foreign and overwhelming at first, but remember that no one is born knowing how to write a law school exam. Law school success requires skills that you can learn! Here’s some advice.

Surviving Law School

Surviving law school isn’t just about doing well on exams. It’s about making the most of your time, and dealing appropriately with what is — for many — intense stress. Below, you’ll find ideas for keeping perspective, staying healthy, managing your time, building strong relationships, and more.

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