Acing the LSAT: LSAT Prep Options and Advice

LSATBefore you can go to law school, you’ve got to get past the LSAT.

Not everyone’s idea of a good time, but there’s no choice!

Below we’ve collected some interesting LSAT prep options you might not know about, along with LSAT advice from various experts.

Best of luck!

LSAT Prep Options

Trying to figure out what LSAT prep course is right for you?

Check out these interviews with LSAT instructors for ideas:

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Advice for Acing the LSAT

LSAT InteractHere’s some useful advice on improving your LSAT score:

And, if you’re just starting to think about the LSAT, check out this free one-hour intro from Manhattan LSAT. It’s an entertaining, interactive overview of what the LSAT is testing, and what the highest scorers do differently. Enjoy!