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Should You Go to Law School?Law school is a huge commitment (of time and money), and it’s important to do your best to determine beforehand if it’s the right choice for you. If you’re sure it is, you’ll want to submit the most compelling application and LSAT score, then be sure you select the right school. And, of course, you need to be ready to go when classes start!

Read on for information on everything you need to figure out if you should go to law school and to start strong.

Should You Go to Law School?

Applying to law school is a huge step. Lots of people do it without fully understanding what they’re getting into. The strategies below can help you figure out if this is a great idea, or a huge waste of time and money!

Law School Applications

Below, you’ll find advice from a variety of law school admissions experts — who know all about the law school admissions process, how to write a great personal statement, and more! Check out these series and Q&A for answers to all of your law school application questions.

LSAT Strategies and Prep Options

How’s your LSAT score? If it could use some improvement, check out these LSAT strategies and profiles of LSAT prep companies you might not be familiar with.

Getting Ready for Law School

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted. Now it’s time to choose the right school, figure out your finances, and be sure you’re prepared for the challenge.

Starting Law School

Make sure you get off on the right foot in law school, by focusing on exams from day one and understanding the adjustments you’ll need to make to be a successful law student!

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