Surviving Law School 101: What You Need to Know to Succeed

Law Student HealthLaw school isn’t all academics — managing your time, staying focused, and taking care of yourself are all critical for survival.

Read on for our best time and life management advice, along with ideas for forming strong relationships and advice on transferring and passing the bar exam so you can get admitted and be an actual lawyer!

Keeping Your Life on Track as a Law Student

Time management is the single most critical component of law school survival. You’re going to be busy, there’s no getting around it. But you don’t have to be stressed out, miserable, and overworked. Read on for our best time management strategies, along with ways to stay balanced and handle the various stressful aspects of life as a law student.

Taking Care of Yourself as a Law Student

Staying mentally and physically healthy in law school can be a challenge, given the pressure of exams, the long hours of studying, and the overall stress level in the law library. But you can do it! Read on for strategies for managing the stress of law school and techniques for staying physically and mentally fit as a law student.

Keeping Perspective as a Law Student

Few people make it through law school without some bruises along the way. It’s a rough experience in many ways, and you’re going to learn a lot! Below, various writers share their lessons learned in law school, so that (maybe!) you can avoid some of their mistakes.

Relationships in Law School

Law school will challenge your relationships — that’s almost inevitable. But it can also be a rich source of new friends and supporters. Read on for advice on building relationships in law school, so you’ll have a strong support network when you need it.

Transferring to a Different Law School

If you aren’t happy with the atmosphere or the opportunities at your law school, maybe it’s time to transfer! Read on for advice on making this important decision.

Passing the Bar Exam and Getting Admitted

Yay, you made it through law school! Too bad you still have to pass the dreaded bar exam. Read on for advice on passing the bar, getting accommodations, and what to do if you (gasp!) fail. (It isn’t the end of your career, really.)

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