Confronting Injustice On The Bar Exam

Reconciling Social Justice With Bar Exam SuccessPlease welcome guest writer, Mihal Ansik, tutor for the Bar Exam Toolbox, to talk about how to balance personal feelings about justice with bar exam questions.

I can’t count how many times I died a little inside answering bar exam questions upholding doctrine that was legal, but, in my opinion, unjust. With fact patterns that require us to justify long term solitary confinement and concede to the flimsy 4th Amendment protections at border crossings, the bar exam demands complicity—fleeting as it may be—from those of us who feel responsible for challenging these very laws. So, when faced with an MBE question requiring me to affirm the constitutionality of deplorable prison conditions, did I engage in an act of resistance and fill in the answer aligned with what I knew to be true in practice, even if it was the wrong bubble? The honest answer is, I didn’t. [Read more…]


6 Tips for Applying for Bar Admission on a Budget

Barrister on a Budget - Jenny MaxeyLaw school can sometimes seem like one expense after another. And it doesn’t end when classes conclude — You still have to pass the bar exam and get admitted!

Today, we’re pleased to welcome Jenny Maxey, author of Barrister on a Budget: Investing in Law School…Without Breaking the Bank, who has some tips on getting admitted without going broke. Enjoy!

Whether you’re a 1L or a few months away from graduation, that desire to become an attorney cannot actually be fulfilled until you are licensed. And even though we all know this is the case, after being hunkered down in the law library for hours or preparing for those always-looming finals sometimes the application process for bar admission can still turn up as a surprise — and a several thousand dollar surprise at that!

However, you can keep the cost of applying for admission down through budgeting and taking steps in advance.
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Flipping Out About the Bar Exam? An MBE Expert is Here to Help

MBEI remember well the unpleasantness of preparing for the Multistate Bar Examination. Even after weeks of preparation, I was still completely convinced I’d failed afterwards! Not a fun test.

That’s why I’m very excited to have Sean Silverman here to talk about how to prepare for the MBE. Sean is an attorney and bar exam instructor, and he’s got great advice — whether you’re preparing for the bar exam now, or still have some time before you have to worry about it. Take it away!

I’m studying for the bar exam now, and it’s not going well. I’m particularly struggling with the MBE, because it seems so tricky! Do you have any tips for improving my MBE confidence (and scores) in the next month?

First, I’ll say that it’s really important to keep in mind that it’s a very common reaction to think that bar exam studying is not going well.

Provided you are putting in the required work each day, you should remain confident, as this will greatly benefit you.

There are two components to preparing for the MBE, neither of which is more important than the other:

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A Review of the Smarter Review Bar Exam Course

Studying for the bar examOne of the great things about running a website is that occasionally you can do favors for your friends!

In this case, a nice person from Smarter Review contacted me to see if I wanted to check out their bar review course. Frankly, the last thing I wanted to do was ever think about the bar exam again, but — conveniently — my law school roommate (who you might remember from this awesome post on getting a public interest job) had just decided to take the NY bar in February.

Win, win. Smarter Review gave her a free course, and she agreed to write about the experience for you.

So, here you go!

(If you want to try the course yourself, there’s a 15% discount code at the bottom.)

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Stressed About the Bar Exam? 5 Last-Minute Tips from an Expert Tutor!

RelaxAre you studying for the February bar exam? Well, you’re in luck! Bar tutor extraordinaire Lee Faller Burgess of the Bar Exam Toolbox returns to share some last-minute tips for doing your best. Take it away!

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How I Prepared for the Bar Exam

ComputerPeople keep asking for advice on how to prepare for the bar exam, so I thought it might be useful to write about how I studied for the bar. Naturally, I can’t necessarily recommend that you prepare in the same way, but I’ll tell you what I was thinking, and how it seemed to work out.

#1: I Didn’t Take BARBRI

Cue collective gasps, but I didn’t take BARBRI. Crazy, right?

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I Failed the Bar Exam! Now What?!?

Help!Fantastic guest post today from Lee Faller Burgess of Amicus Tutoring (and the new Bar Exam Toolbox) about what to do if the unthinkable happens, and you fail the bar exam.

I’ll turn it over to Lee:

You Failed the Bar Exam. Now What?

Almost anyone who has sat for the bar exam has imagined failing. You log in to the website Friday evening and your name doesn’t appear on the pass list. You are not exactly sure what to do with yourself. You have such a mix of emotions. Where do you even begin?

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