The Ultimate Guide to the Law in Pop Culture Part III: Travel Media

The Ultimate Guide to the Law in Pop Culture Part III: Travel MediaThis post contains affiliate links, meaning we may be (minimally!) compensated if you purchase after clicking the link.

Please welcome back rising 3L Jaclyn Wishnia to finish up her series on the law in pop culture by discussing some media that can be enjoyed on the go or during breaks!

In our final installment of the ultimate guide to the law in pop culture series, the focus is on forms of media for law students that are easily transportable and non-intrusive, making them great for either travel or those lulls in-between classes. Specifically, those mediums include: books (print, e-book or audio editions), blogs, and podcasts. Keep on reading for a more enjoyable law school commute! [Read more…]

Summer Reading List: Terminal Ambition

Terminal AmbitionAs you may or may not be aware, sexual harassment is rampant in BigLaw. Shocking, I know! You’d think they’d know better, right? Sadly, not so much.

(Here’s a recap of just one of my several personal experiences, plus my reaction to the reactions to that post.)

Next up on our summer reading list is Kate McGuinness’s fantastic thriller, Terminal Ambition. If you don’t already know Kate, you should. She’s a force of nature!

Kate was a BigLaw partner and General Counsel of a Fortune 300 company before leaving to become a women’s rights activist.

And right now she’s offering a free download of Terminal Ambition, but only until July 2 so get on it today!

What’s the Book About?

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Summer Reading List: Tomorrow’s Lawyers

Tomorrow's LawyersLooking for some summer reading? Tomorrow’s Lawyers is short enough to read in a few hours as you lounge in a hammock, but has enough heft to keep you thinking for much longer.

Who Should Read This Book?

If you’re considering applying to law school, you’re starting soon, you’re currently in law school, or you’ve already graduated, Tomorrow’s Lawyers is a must-read.

So, pretty much, it’s a must-read for anyone who’s in the legal profession currently, or who’s thinking about joining.

Why? Because Richard Susskind has written a short, readable introduction to the many challenges and opportunities the profession will face in the next 30 years (aka, the length of your legal career). Ignore him at your peril.

What’s the Book About?

The rather ominous subtitle sets the stage: An Introduction to Your Future.
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