Make Your Clerkship Application Shine

PackageSo you’ve decided you want to apply for a clerkship – what now?

The Perfect Clerkship Applicant

Naturally, you’ll want to:

  • attend the best law school in the country
  • get top notch grades
  • and be Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review

Preferably while maintaining a side job as a goodwill ambassador to a remote island nation.

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Judicial Clerkships: Wondering Where to Apply? Consider These 4 Factors

Question markThe perennial question – where should you apply to clerk?

Naturally, it’s impossible to answer with any authority! You’ll need to balance several competing threads to decide what clerkships to apply for:

  • prestige
  • geography
  • preference
  • availability

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How to Get a Federal Judicial Clerkship: Overview

CourthouseOn its face, the federal judicial clerkship application process is relatively straightforward:

  • you identify judges you’re interesting in working for;
  • you send each one an application consisting of your law school transcript, a résumé, a writing sample, and several letters of recommendation; and,
  • each judge reviews the applications, schedules interviews, and selects the clerks for the following year.

Easy, right?

In practice, however, the clerkship process is insanely complicated and full of traps for the unwary. If you decide to apply, you will probably curse the decision more than once, and envy medical students applying to a centralized residency matching system.

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