Can I Be an Introverted Attorney in a Profession that Seems Made for Extroverts?

Being an introvert in a profession that seems made for extrovertsToday we welcome back Christen Morgan, guest writer and foreclosure attorney, to discuss how to handle the legal profession as an introvert.

In a culture that’s permeated by visuals of “the outspoken attorney,” we’ve developed a concept that all attorneys should aspire to be the Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro or Perry Mason type. It has been drilled into our minds that attorneys at the very least must be outgoing in an effort to fight the good fight and win the toughest legal battles within the courtroom. So if you’ve always been a quiet, reserved and overall introverted individual, it’s understood if you feel intimidated about pursuing this career. You may be passionate about the law, but you don’t see yourself arguing a major case before a judge and a jury. Also, while you can envision yourself communicating with clients on a one on one basis, you could never see yourself heading a client meeting with several attorneys and staff members involved. If you’ve experienced these thoughts at some point or another, I implore you to not give up on your attorney dreams just yet. Being introverted is by no means an indicator that you’re not a good lawyer. The stereotypes that we’ve been fed about this profession are simply just stereotypes and is in no way an indicator of a dominant attorney personality trait. The legal profession is filled with individuals from different backgrounds, personalities, and mindsets. I assure you that as an introvert, you are not alone. [Read more…]


Working at a Smaller Firm

Working at a small law firmToday, we welcome back Shirlene Armstrong, guest writer and now rising second-year law student to share her experience working at a small law firm this summer.

In law school, your down time is dedicated to studying, living, and breathing the law. As such, law student’s summers are dedicated to the same. Thus, the summers between your 1L and 2L years and 2L and 3L years should be dedicated to some type of legal work. Normally, rising 2Ls land an internship with a judge, work in at a Prosecutor’s office, or have some other type of internship in the legal field. Some rising 3Ls land coveted “Summer Associate” positions and work as a young associate at a firm. Other 3Ls continue their positions at their old firms or jobs, take classes, work in a legal clinic, or do legal work in some other form. As a rising 2L, I was fortunate enough to land a paid position with a firm for the summer. [Read more…]


Bouncing Back from Rejection

rejection confidence

Today, we’re excited to welcome back Gabriella Martin, 2L guest writer, to talk about the inevitable and always unpleasant rejection and how to recover without breaking your stride.

Rejection sucks. Honestly, I don’t think there will ever come a time where you get rejected—from a job, a date, whatever—and your first thought will be, “Huh, I’m so glad that happened.” Yes, you may get there eventually, but when you first hear that, “thanks, but no thanks,” you feel upset and, to some degree, unsteady. Why? [Read more…]


What’s Your Brand?

Interview stand out personal brand

Please welcome back Keri Clapp, professor and tutor for the Law School Toolbox and Bar Exam Toolbox, to discuss establishing, developing, and promoting your personal brand in a competitive legal environment.

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Lexis or WestLaw? Washington Post or Wall Street Journal? You probably have a quick response to each of these questions based on not just on specific experiences, but also on how you identify the brand of each of these products.

Take coffee, for example. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts both sell coffee, but have distinct and differentiated brand attributes. These successful businesses have spent a lot of time and money deciding on their target customer profile; their marketing efforts—from packaging to product to location—are primarily directed to what that customer base will appreciate. This type of strategy doesn’t get derailed because some people will get coffee at home or at the gas station convenience store; a well-differentiated brand does not try to be all things to all people.

In a competitive legal market, spending some time creating and marketing your personal brand is a strong move. What qualities do you want to project when you meet someone? What attributes do you want to jump out on your resume? In sum, what do you want people to associate with you when they hear your name? [Read more…]


The Leaky Pipeline: LSAT and Law School Applications (with Podcast)

Law School PipelineToday, we’re excited to announce the third episode of Law School Transparency’s podcast mini-series about women in the law. This week’s theme is the leaky pipeline for women in the legal profession, which starts even before students enter law school.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be running posts related to the LST topic of the week, along with a podcast episode and roundtable discussion on the same topic. You can learn more at Hope you enjoy it!

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How to Punch Above Your Law School GPA


Today, we welcome guest writer Andre Castillo,  founder of Career Mavin, a site that offers personal coaching and career training. He is sharing his tips on how to punch above the GPA’s of your colleagues.

It’s not fun to get lower law school grades than you wanted—but it’s going to be ok. You can easily punch above the GPA’s of your colleagues with this simple strategy.


Here’s how.

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Career Development: Beatles or Stones?

Dan LearToday we are honored to welcome Dan Lear. He is a lawyer, blogger, and Director of Industry Relations for Avvo. Today he has brought an interesting perspective to career development. 

I’ve always found the question “Beatles or Stones?” rather asinine. The answer is, of course, Beatles. Period.

The Beatles were the perfect rock group. The Stones are not perfect but they’re probably the world’s most successful or enduring rock band.

Musically and artistically, there’s no question who is the superior band: The Fab Four.

However, when it comes to career development I’m “Stones.” Stones all the way.

But let’s back up and talk about why the Beatles are so much better than the Stones before explaining how this all relates to career development. [Read more…]


Advice on BigLaw and OCI from a Stanford Law Grad

Man in front of puzzleCodesandcodes is a Stanford Law graduate and creator of the website, Biglawrefuge. We asked him tough questions about scoring that Big Law job after graduation and advice for surviving on-campus interviews.

Here are his answers: [Read more…]


Lawyer turned Wedding Photographer? Why Not?!?

Melissa BrandmanAs regular readers know, we’re always on the lookout for interesting legal career paths here at The Girl’s Guide to Law School.

When I met Melissa Brandman on Twitter, I knew she had to come by for an interview. Lawyer turned wedding photographer? Tell me more!

I’m in law school, but I’m not sure I want to practice. I’m getting a lot of pushback from my family, friends, and professors when I bring this up. Do you have any ideas for helping them understand my choice? They’re really disappointed!

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Tales from a Canadian Attorney: A New Way of Practicing Law

Carli Van Maurik

Many lawyers realize that the legal profession has changed dramatically in recent years. As such, attorneys who want to thrive (and survive) must start looking at a new way to practice law.

We’re delighted to welcome Canadian attorney Carli van Maurik back to talk about exactly what you can do assure career survival. Welcome back, Carli!

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