Are You Using LinkedIn as Effectively as Possible?

LinkedIn for Lawyers(This is a sponsored post from LexisNexis Australia — Hi, international readers! — which also provided the book free of charge.)

It’s no secret that of the “Big Three” social media offerings — Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — I’m the biggest fan of Twitter.

My LinkedIn profile, if we’re being totally honest, is a little desultory. It has most of the basic information, but I hardly ever use the site and typically accept any request that comes my way without a lot of thought. And, in theory, there’s a group associated with The Girl’s Guide to Law School (which — who knew! — actually has people in it), but I don’t do much anything with it.

So, when the offer came in to review LinkedIn for Lawyers: Connect, Engage, and Grow Your Business, I jumped at the chance to learn more about how lawyers (and law students) can use LinkedIn effectively.

And I wasn’t disappointed! Here’s why.

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