What Makes a Mentor?

mentorToday, we welcome back 2L contributor, Gabriella Martin, to talk about the value of having and being a mentor.

What is the point of mentor? Why is it a term that seems to be mentioned by every attorney you’ll meet, regardless of their field? Before coming to law school, I thought about this a lot. I have a pride streak a mile long and to me asking for a mentor or seeking help is a sign of weakness. Or so I thought.

Over the past year and half I have begun to collect mentors like some people collect stamps. Each mentor has their value, be it through the advice they offer, the ears they lend, or the support they give freely.

Although I’ve begun to be mentor myself (you’ll be amazed at the amount of advice you can pass on to someone who’s only a year below you), in order to know what makes mentoring so important, I sat down with two incredible women who I am honored to call my mentors. Maggie Castinado is a public defender in New Haven, CT and the immediate past president of the Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association. Paty Jimenez is junior associate at a large firm here in Connecticut, Reid & Riege.

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