Applying to Law School? Need Some Expert Advice?

Interview with Ann LevinePlease welcome guest writer John Passmore, assistant managing legal editor in Houston, Texas, who interviews Ann Levine, expert on law school admissions.

Talking with Ann Levine, author of The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert (3rd ed.)

The law school experience begins far before you sit down for your first class. First comes the law school admissions process. With a to-do list including the LSAT, your personal statement, letters of recommendation, scholarship applications, and much more, the process can quickly become daunting. If the process has you looking for some expert advice, you may be looking for lawyer, law school admissions consultant, and author Ann Levine. Formerly a law school admissions director, after founding Law School Expert, Ms. Levine helps students navigate the admissions process as an admissions consultant. She has recently published the third edition of her popular title The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert. We were able to ask Ms. Levine some questions about her work and why her book The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert could help you on your law school admissions journey.

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5 Things I’ve Learned as an “Older” Law Student From My Younger Colleagues

What I've Learned as an "Older" Law Student from my Younger Colleagues.

Today we welcome back Jaclyn Wishnia, rising 2L at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and aspiring entertainment law attorney, to discuss the generation gap at law schools and how to work together at any age.

Like most law students, I felt both nervous and excited on my first day of law school orientation. I also shared many of the same thoughts my colleagues have mentioned as well, such as would I make friends easily? Or would everyone be as cold and competitive as the rumor mill suggests? They were the typical questions of doubt anyone entering a new social situation, would ask themselves. Unlike many of my colleagues though, one major concern was dominating my nerves that day: my age.

It took me six years to finally apply to law school after college; the bulk of my twenties. I had lived through almost a decade of failures and triumphs, worked for prominent firms and attorneys, networked with top CEOs of reputable companies, and best of all, was now certain that I belonged in law school. Why was a petty number destroying my confidence? [Read more…]

Should I Take a Gap Year Before Law School?

Should I take a Gap Year Before Law School?

Today we welcome Christen Morgan, guest writer and foreclosure attorney, to discuss taking a year off before starting law school.

Should You Take a Gap Year Before Law School?

Well, it depends. Taking a gap year before beginning your law school career can certainly be a beneficial alternative as opposed to jumping right in after four years of college. Although I highly recommend this alternative venture, taking a gap year will only be worthwhile based on your current situation. If you’re a non-traditional college student, who perhaps started college later in life after already receiving some work experience, or a student who worked full time during college and completed their bachelor’s degree on a part-time basis, then taking a gap year before law school may not be in your best interests. A gap year is a perfect opportunity to gain full-time work experience, to travel or to complete a fellowship. These are all experiences that should be completed with the intent of enhancing your resume for post-graduate legal employment. If you’re a non-traditional student, chances are you may have already amassed a wealth of the above experiences to enhance your resume. Therefore, jumping right into law school after college without taking a gap year should not hurt your chances in the legal job hunt.

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Pen and Chisel Q&A: How to Start the Law School Application Research Process

Eileen ConnerIs it ever too early to think about applying to law school? Please welcome back law school admissions essay expert Eileen Conner, founder of Pen and Chisel, who has some timely advice on getting a head start on your law school application.

If you missed any of her other admissions Q&As, check them out here.

Planning to apply to law school next fall? It may seem like it’s far too early to get going with the application process. But even though your deadlines are currently nothing but a far-off glimmer in the distance, you can get a head start on your law school applications right now. How? Research.

Now is the perfect time to start researching the schools you think you would like to attend.

Early stage research can set you up for success when it comes time to fill out your various forms and send in your law school applications.
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Why Now Might be the Perfect Time to Go to Law School

Nathan FoxThink you want to be a lawyer? There’s no avoiding the consensus decision that you’re probably making a bad choice. But is that really true? Nathan Fox, LSAT guru and non-practicing lawyer, is here to argue that now might actually be the perfect time to apply!

Welcome back, Nathan.

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Which Law School Offer Should You Accept? A Lower Ranked School with a Scholarship or Full Price at a Top School?

LLLImage2The decision to attend law school is a big one, especially considering the debt that often accumulates during law school. The prospect of debt often leads students to ask whether they should attend a highly-ranked school that does not offer a scholarship, or a lesser-know institution that provides a full scholarship. 

Today, we’re excited to welcome Ian E. Scott, who will attempt to answer this very important question.

Ian is a Harvard Law School graduate, a lawyer, and the author of Law School Lowdown: Secrets of Success from the Application Process to Landing Your First Job. (Read on for a chance to get a free copy.) Welcome, Ian! [Read more…]

Don’t Go to Law School Just Because You’re Good at the LSAT

Nathan FoxSince LSAT scores were released yesterday, this seemed like a good time to check in with Nathan Fox, founder of Fox Test Prep, who went to law school for a terrible reason. Namely, a high LSAT score.

Here’s Nathan, with a cautionary tale for everyone who got (seemingly) good news yesterday.

As an expert in LSAT and law school admissions, I have a quick thought experiment for you.

Which One Should Go to Law School?

Who do you think is a better candidate for law school?
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Should You Drop Out of Law School?

Stay or Go?Stay or Go?As the school year winds down, a whispered question is floating in on the wind: “Should I drop out of law school?”

It’s coming from a few different directions:

  • Rising 2Ls who aren’t happy with their first-year grades
  • Rising 2Ls who did okay, but didn’t enjoy the first year of law school
  • Rising 3Ls who aren’t sure they really want to be lawyers after all
  • Rising 3Ls who are afraid they’ll never get a job

If this is a question you’re debating (even secretly), here are my thoughts.

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My School Dropped How Much in the *#(*&@#!$# Rankings?!?

Law school rankingsIf you haven’t heard by now, the new U.S. News law school rankings have arrived, like a steaming turd on the front doorstep of certain law schools. Why? Because U.S. News incorporated more granular job data into the rankings, and — well — the picture’s not pretty.

What Changed?

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Is Lawyering the Right Path for You?

Lainee BeigelI get a lot of emails from people who might want to be lawyers, asking if it’s the right move, and from current law students, asking whether they should continue. Today, I’ve called in a career expert, Lainee Beigel of Career Esquire, to offer her counsel.

Take it away!

I’m a 3L who’s graduating in a few months, and I’m not sure I still want to be a lawyer. How can I figure out the right path for me?

Many law students question whether they really want to be lawyers at one point or another. I often found myself daydreaming about other careers when I was extremely stressed out.
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