Why I Do What I Do: Susan Cartier Liebel on Motivation and Joy

MotivationWhen I started The Girl’s Guide to Law School, one of the first people to take me under her wing was Susan Cartier Liebel, founder of Solo Practice University. Honestly, I was pretty shocked. I had nothing really to offer (other than my undying gratitude), but Susan clearly wasn’t helping me because she wanted a later favor. She was just doing it because that’s what she does. It’s who she is.

Today, I’m thrilled to welcome her to tell you — in her own words — what motivates her, so you can uncover your own foundational motivation, too. Here’s Susan…

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. ~ Anne Ritchie

When I was asked to pick a quote to be placed under my photo in our high school yearbook I couldn’t decide between Anne Ritchie’s quote above or, “When Duty whispers low, Thou must, The youth replies, I can!” It is a line from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Voluntaries. I eventually selected Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote. While I didn’t interpret it the way the author intended, it became my mantra at that time in my life. If I made up my mind to do something, whether my duty or any task, I could and would do it. That hasn’t changed to this day.

What is Motivation?

What I faced throughout my earlier years, however, was figuring out my motivation in life.
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Interested in Entertainment Law? An Interview with Sports & Entertainment Lawyer Jaia Thomas

Jaia Thomas - Entertainment LawyerGiven that I was on the board of the Arts & Entertainment Law Society in law school, I’m thrilled to welcome Jaia Thomas, a Los Angeles-based sports and entertainment lawyer, to answer some questions for us!

Without further ado…

I’m a 3L without a job, and I’m thinking about starting a solo practice when I graduate. Do you think this is feasible, and what tips do you have for successfully getting it off the ground?

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