Don’t Go to Law School Just Because You’re Good at the LSAT

Nathan FoxSince LSAT scores were released yesterday, this seemed like a good time to check in with Nathan Fox, founder of Fox Test Prep, who went to law school for a terrible reason. Namely, a high LSAT score.

Here’s Nathan, with a cautionary tale for everyone who got (seemingly) good news yesterday.

As an expert in LSAT and law school admissions, I have a quick thought experiment for you.

Which One Should Go to Law School?

Who do you think is a better candidate for law school?
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Should You Drop Out of Law School?

Stay or Go?Stay or Go?As the school year winds down, a whispered question is floating in on the wind: “Should I drop out of law school?”

It’s coming from a few different directions:

  • Rising 2Ls who aren’t happy with their first-year grades
  • Rising 2Ls who did okay, but didn’t enjoy the first year of law school
  • Rising 3Ls who aren’t sure they really want to be lawyers after all
  • Rising 3Ls who are afraid they’ll never get a job

If this is a question you’re debating (even secretly), here are my thoughts.

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My School Dropped How Much in the *#(*&@#!$# Rankings?!?

Law school rankingsIf you haven’t heard by now, the new U.S. News law school rankings have arrived, like a steaming turd on the front doorstep of certain law schools. Why? Because U.S. News incorporated more granular job data into the rankings, and — well — the picture’s not pretty.

What Changed?

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Is Lawyering the Right Path for You?

Lainee BeigelI get a lot of emails from people who might want to be lawyers, asking if it’s the right move, and from current law students, asking whether they should continue. Today, I’ve called in a career expert, Lainee Beigel of Career Esquire, to offer her counsel.

Take it away!

I’m a 3L who’s graduating in a few months, and I’m not sure I still want to be a lawyer. How can I figure out the right path for me?

Many law students question whether they really want to be lawyers at one point or another. I often found myself daydreaming about other careers when I was extremely stressed out.
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Law School Deans, You Are the Problem

Look in the mirror!If you haven’t read it yet, take a few minutes to digest Law School is Worth the Money, written by the entirely non-self-interested dean of Case Western Reserve University’s law school. After you stop hyperventilating, please come back…

Okay, so where were we? Right. I don’t know about you, but I was silently yelling, “WTF?!? Are you kidding me?” and trying not to stab my eyes out.

Where to start? I’m tempted to go line-by-line, because basically every single sentence deserves a response (seriously, if this is the sort of unsupported argument they’re teaching at Case Western, God help us), but let’s just focus on the high points. (Most of which I’ve already covered in detail here: Law School Myths, Debunked.)

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Should You Go to Law School? Should You Drop Out? Advice from Bruce MacEwen of JD Match and Adam Smith, Esq.

Bruce MacEwenToday we have a very special guest, Bruce MacEwen, president of JD Match and Adam Smith, Esq. He’s at the leading edge of innovation in the legal profession, and routinely writes and speaks about the serious issues lawyers face in the current economy.

To say he’s got opinions about the value of law school is an understatement! Without further ado, here’s Bruce.

I’m an undergrad who’s trying to decide whether to go to law school. I hear a lot about how the profession is in trouble (including from articles like this one). What should I consider before deciding to apply to law school?

Do you really want to be a lawyer?

  • Which requires you to know: Do you really know what it means to be a lawyer?
  • Which requires you to know: Do you really know what lawyers do all day?

True story: Here’s what lawyers do.

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Wondering if Law’s Right for You? A Lawyer Turned Positive Psychology Expert Shares Her Insights

Paula Davis-LaackToday I’m very excited to have Paula Davis-Laack here, to talk about how to figure out if you’ll thrive in the legal profession.

Paula’s got a great background for this, given that she was a commercial real estate attorney for seven years (in a large law firm and as in-house counsel for a Fortune 500 company) AND she’s one of the first 200 people in the world to have completed the master’s program in applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She’s also the founder of The Marie Elizabeth Company, which helps companies and individuals thrive and flourish.

Exciting stuff! Without further ado, here’s Paula.

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Should I Become a Lawyer? Some Advice from the Author of Best Friends at the Bar

Susan Smith BlakelyToday I’m very excited to have Susan Smith Blakely, author of Best Friends at the Bar: What Women Need to Know about a Career in the Law, here to talk about the challenges women face in the legal profession, and how they can be overcome.

Susan has another book coming out soon, so keep an eye out for that! Now, without further ado…

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The Danger of Doing Things Because You’re Good at Them

Pow!Let me ask you a question:

Should you aim to make a career out of doing things you’re good at?

“Why, sure,” you say, “what else would I do?”

It’s Not that Easy

This is a question I’ve struggled with for a long time (see a three year detour into architecture school so I could try something “hard”), but I don’t think it’s so straightforward.

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Will You Be a Happy Lawyer?

Out of placeToday we’re talking with Jennifer Alvey, lawyer turned career coach (with a specialty in the “thwarted creative” lawyer type). She’s got great insight into the personality types likely to be miserable in the legal profession, and is hysterically funny, to boot.

Without further ado…here’s Jennifer!

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