3 Things You Need To Know About LSAT Arguments

LSAT FreedomWorried about the LSAT? We’re delighted to welcome back Robert M. Fojo from LSAT Freedom to share and explain three things you should know about LSAT arguments that will help you build a strong foundation for doing well on the LSAT. Good luck!

Here’s Robert . . .

The LSAT is built on arguments. On the Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sections, students will see a lot of arguments. For example, the stimulus of many Logical Reasoning questions will contain an argument. Students will have to evaluate that argument. They may have to find a flaw in the argument, describe the structure of the argument, or identify a missing assumption.

Similarly, on the Reading Comprehension section, most of the passages will consist of individuals making some kind of argument or, at the very least presenting a thesis and some evidence to support it in an effort to convince the reader of something.

Because arguments comprise the foundation for the LSAT, students must understand (1) what arguments are; (2) how they function; and (3) how arguments appear on the LSAT.
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1L Exams Start in a Week! What Should You Be Doing?

Law School Exam StressBelieve it or not, December is here! Which means most law schools start exams in the next week or so. Scary thought, right?

When you stop hyperventilating, let’s talk about what you should be doing now to be ready for your first exam. (Hint: It’s not adding an extra 20 pages to your 100-page outline.)

#1. Make Sense of What You’ve Learned

The weird thing about law school pedagogy is that your professor doesn’t just come out and tell you what you need to know for the exam. Neither does the casebook. So…you’ve got a problem! Where in the world are you supposed to find out what you need to know?

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3 LSAT Logic Games Tips from LSAT Freedom

LSAT FreedomI’ll be honest — the LSAT makes my head hurt and I think about it as little as possible! That’s why we’re delighted to welcome Robert M. Fojo from LSAT Freedom to share and explain three LSAT Logic Games tips that will help you build a strong foundation for doing well on one of the more dreaded sections of the LSAT.

Better him than me! Enjoy. And good luck on the LSAT!

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How to Write a Law Review Note Worthy of Publication: Presentation and Style

Jonathan Burns Attorney PhotoToday, we’re thrilled to welcome back Jonathan Burns back to The Girl’s Guide for more advice on writing a law review Note that’s worthy of publication. His first posts were on picking a great Note topic and actually writing the Note. Today, he’s back to talk about ever-important issues of presentation and style.

Welcome, Jonathan!

While the substance of your Note and the balance of the four aforementioned elements that comprise it are the most important aspects of producing a Note worthy of publication, there are a few hints and “dirty tricks” that I as a former member of a Note Publication Selection Committee can offer.

A. Focus on First Impressions

To begin, understand that first impressions are important. Thus, before you begin writing, take some time to glance through some law journals and law review articles. You will doubtless notice a few things.

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Lawyer turned Wedding Photographer? Why Not?!?

Melissa BrandmanAs regular readers know, we’re always on the lookout for interesting legal career paths here at The Girl’s Guide to Law School.

When I met Melissa Brandman on Twitter, I knew she had to come by for an interview. Lawyer turned wedding photographer? Tell me more!

I’m in law school, but I’m not sure I want to practice. I’m getting a lot of pushback from my family, friends, and professors when I bring this up. Do you have any ideas for helping them understand my choice? They’re really disappointed!

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Should You Take the Fall LSAT?

Jon Denning PowerScoreWondering which LSAT to take? Jon Denning, a Senior Instructor/Course Developer at PowerScore, has conveniently stopped by with some pros and cons of taking the Fall LSAT.

Leave your questions below and he’ll answer them!

The Fall LSAT, administered near the beginning of the application cycle, is by far the most popular test of the year. Part of this popularity is due to the many college students who spend their summer free time preparing and then take the LSAT as classes resume.

Concurrently, other test takers view the Fall LSAT as the “official” start of the application process, and find it appealing as a result.

Regardless, the most important consideration for all test takers is that they allow for plenty of preparation time, as taking a test as challenging as the LSAT without adequate prep will almost certainly end in disappointment.

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LSAT Prep Options: PowerScore

PowerScore LogoWe’re excited to initiate a series of interviews with various LSAT prep companies, exploring their approach and getting some tips for success. (If you’d like to be featured, let me know.)

Today, we’re talking with PowerScore, which offers a variety of different options to help you maximize your LSAT score. Welcome!

Could you talk a bit about PowerScore LSAT Prep: What’s your philosophy? What type of instruction do you offer? How are you different from other LSAT prep courses?

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Struggling with Law School Exams? We Talk to a Law Professor for Tips!

Law school professor exam adviceIt’s law school exam time, which means it’s time for a collective law student freakout. Why not take a nice, deep breath and read on for some exam prep tips from Melissa L. Greipp, an Associate Professor of Legal Writing at Marquette Law School? Melissa teaches courses in Legal Analysis, Writing and Research, and Appellate Writing and Advocacy and she’s got some great advice for doing well on exams and studying productively throughout the semester.


It’s exam time at most law schools, and students have one question on their minds: What is my professor looking for? Being only one person, you probably can’t answer definitively, but what DO you think professors are looking for? Are there certain traits or characteristics of a good exam answer, which demonstrate mastery across the board?

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Law School Exams Getting You Down? The Best (Free) Exam Stress-Buster

Get some exerciseWorried about law school exams? Of course you are!

That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Elena DuCharme, a lawyer turned performance coach, who’s here to offer a great (free) suggestion for surviving exams with your sanity intact.

Stress is a fact of life. And it has a big upside. The human race, and indeed, all plants and animals, have evolved by adapting to stressful situations and coming out stronger and more capable as a result — becoming more “resilient.”

As a budding lawyer at exam time, you now have the opportunity to create your own positive, resilience-building habits. The payoff is feeling calm and empowered in the face of challenges, rather than freaked and anxious.
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Should Your Law School Apps Talk About Your Career Goals?

direction-signs-1285311-mPotential law students often ask if it’s required that they know what type of law they want to practice before applying.

Please welcome today’s guest, John Rood of Next Step Test Preparation to share some thoughts on the topic.

Should you tell admissions committees what you want to do with your life?

With nearly all law school applications, the school doesn’t demand to know what field of law interests you. Many applicants, however, are curious whether discussing their interest in a particular aspect of the law is a net positive for their application.

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